Discover Sunshine

The crime drama of the year.

One of six nominations for SBS, mini-series Sunshine was recognised with the prestigious award.
Journey to Melbourne’s west and meet some characters who are missing from most mainstream drama.
Despite recent surgery, Anthony LaPaglia couldn't say no to 'Sunshine', a series that something to say.
Based in America since 2000, Melanie Lynskey has covered a wide range of roles, from drama to comedy, requiring different accents.
Exploring the South Sudanese hip-hop scene, as seen in the upcoming Australian drama series 'Sunshine'.
The impressive Hip Hop and R&B soundtrack for the upcoming SBS series Sunshine is now streaming.
SBS’s new Australian drama Sunshine premieres Wednesday 18 October at 8.30pm. Starring Anthony LaPaglia and Melanie Lynskey. And introducing Wally Elnour.

Shining a light

Bringing the world of Sunshine to the screen

Sports on film often look really, really fake. The talents behind 'Sunshine' tell us how it’s done.
How 'Sunshine' discovered hidden local talent and put it onscreen.
When SBS brought TV to the west of Melbourne.
Director Daina Reid talks Aussie culture and the beauty of Sunshine.
How Ez Eldin Deng made sure the series reflected the real suburb.
Sunshine Photo Project

To celebrate the launch of SBS’s new drama series, Sunshine, SBS teamed up the Centre for Contemporary Photography and Brimbank City Council to give eight aspiring photographers a chance to tell the story of their community through images.

In Focus

Stories from the local South Sudanese community

We should support refugees not detain them or leave them to fend for themselves once they land in Australia, says criminal lawyer, refugee advocate and NSW Australian...
“Australia is where we belong now, but it’s good to not forget where we have come from.”
“My mum has always been my role model. She is always pushing me and challenging me to be better at what I'm good at, and always reminding me to not forget who I...
Abe Nouk’s regards his life as one of “luck”. Born in a Sudanese prison to an inmate mother, he later fled his native lands and eventually found his way to...
“By telling their own stories, people can heal.” Emmanuel Jal - hip-hop star, peace activist and former child soldier.