The Employables

One of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs launches a unique social and business experiment taking people from groups who are more likely to face discrimination when looking for work and helping them start their own business.

A closer look at the series

The search is on for six Australians who are likely to be discriminated against when looking for work and have a dream of starting their own business.

‘The Employables’ launches an unprecedented social and business experiment to empower a group of the most marginalised job seekers in Australia.
Lazarus, Sarah and Vicki tell us about their experiences as candidates on The Employables, and what others can learn from watching the series.
These business coaches nurture and evaluate the candidates’ ideas – and decide who advances to the next stage.
"They look at the colour of my skin and just assume I don’t know anything."
Opening a restaurant to employ other vision-impaired people has been a dream of Ian Edwards since he lost his sight.
'I have amazed myself ... I want to show women that there is life after jail.'

Employment issues

Discussing themes explored by 'The Employables'

Do you have the seven traits you need to make it big?
What do you do when the workforce won’t make space for you? You start your own business.
How do you make your side hustle your main gig and your paid day job a side-hustle?
Eight minority groups are facing a disproportionate number of challenges when it comes to landing a job in the Aussie work place.
With only 53 per cent of people with a disability employed and only half likely to finish year 12, it's time to take stock of our disability discrimination laws.
Myth: People who are unemployed are jobless because they aren’t trying hard enough to gain full-time employment. Fact: There aren’t always enough jobs to go...

The Candidates

A group of individuals, each representing the most marginalised job seekers in the Australian workforce, come together to form Australia's next hottest start-up.


Business idea: A green fast food truck delivering healthy food options


Business idea: A sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly Australian fashion label


Business idea: Homemade beef jerky


Business idea: The One Shoe Shop, an online business offering accessory choices for the mobility impaired


Business idea: Training residents of remote Australian communities as baristas at an espresso bar

The Candidates (cont'd)

Indigenous Australians, immigrants and refugees, the LGBTQI community, people with disabilities, youth, the elderly, single parents and former prisoners all face a significantly higher incidence of prejudice or discrimination and a greater chance of being denied employment opportunities.


Business idea: Eve Amanda, a fashion label specialising in up-cycling pre-loved clothing


Business idea: Aunty’s Ginger Tonic, based on her grandmother's recipe


Business idea: An online community for the nail polish obsessed around Australia.


Business idea: Battlecry, a live-action battle game where participants wear costumes and use specially developed rubber swords.

The Candidates (cont'd)

Entrepreneur Creel Price will mentor our most marginalised and help them get a business off the ground in just eight weeks.


Business idea: The Blind Chef, a cafe that would create employment opportunities for those with a disability.


Business idea: An all-natural, culturally inspired remedy for teething.


Business idea: A service that provides therapy to dementia patients.


Business idea: A counselling program for women that have come out of prison to prepare them for life on the outside and provide ongoing support.

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