Over six episodes, we follow Benjamin as he strives for mainstream stardom whilst trying to stop his parents, Jenny and Danny, from splitting up, usually with disastrous results.
30 Nov 2015 - 2:20 PM  UPDATED 22 Jan 2016 - 9:10 AM

Episode 1: Queensland’s Got Talent

Thursday 14 January, 8:30pm 

Benjamin tries to mend his parent’s broken marriage by encouraging Danny to be more engaged with the family through his end-of-year talent show, but with disastrous results.


Episode 2: Tra-la-la-la-Law

Thursday 21 January, 8:30pm 

The family is shocked to meet Candy’s secret boyfriend Wayne, and Benjamin puts it on himself to pull off the perfect Christmas lunch for the family, until the turkey dinner offers up more than any of them planned.


Episode 3: Asians Gone Wild

Thursday 28 January, 8:30pm 

Benjamin takes the initiative and forces the family into group therapy, resulting in a weekend trip to the zoo with Danny that gets out of control.


Episode 4: Birthday Bash

Thursday 4 February, 8:30pm 

Benjamin seeks revenge on Andrew by giving Jenny the wrong idea about what to do for his 18th birthday party but no one foresees the impact that an innocent novelty erotic cake will have on the family forever.


Episode 5: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Thursday 11 February, 8:30pm 

Benjamin tries to cheer his mother by inviting her best – and possibly only – friend from Malaysia, Aunty Rose. But when Rose reveals her true colours Benjamin has to summon his siblings to save Jenny.


Episode 6: Love Is in the Air

Thursday 18 February, 8:30pm 

Benjamin is worried about Jenny’s lack of enthusiasm towards her marriage, so instigates a performance to cheer her up, but this time Danny and Jenny have a plan of their own.


The Family Law starts Thursday 14 January on SBS.