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What tips does Jenny have for a DIY Christmas?
Jenny Phang

22 Dec 2015 - 3:10 PM  UPDATED 28 Jan 2016 - 2:54 PM

Dear Jenny,

I really want to spoil my loved ones this Christmas but I don’t have much money. Do you have any suggestions and tips for DIY Christmas gifts?

Jenny: I hope you’re crafty or love cooking! If you love cooking, make preserved food: chutneys and jams; whatever you can preserve. Use beautiful jars with ribbons and Christmas decorations – it doesn’t need to be expensive. Homemade craft is always so cheap and fun to make; use your imagination. 

Also: pot plants. Jade leaves are only $4 a pot, or you just need a little branch – a little bit of it – and it will grow. And they’re so easy to look after. You just water them once a week. If you’re good at sewing, make Christmas stockings, library bags, padded hangers, aprons, whatever. It’s neverending! Use your imagination! Don’t be afraid of other people thinking you’re cheap – these things are priceless. People who think like that are inhuman. Anyone can get out their card and spend money – dook-dook-dook – on EFTPOS, but you can’t buy time. 

Otherwise, shop at Lincraft, Spotlight, Daiso, and two dollar shops – there are so many cheap things in those two dollar shops. If you’re lucky, the china in these shops has elegant Japanese writing at the bottom, which is very nice for $2.80. My Michelle likes them too, and she’s very fussy. Although, it’s such a material world now, so if I’m not in the mood, I just walk out of two dollar shops like I’m going to break down, just from looking at all the things. Don’t buy food from there either. Or candles. When you light the candles, you’re sniffing all those fumes!


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