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What tips does Jenny have for talking to children about sex?
Jenny Phang

10 Feb 2016 - 11:20 AM  UPDATED 10 Feb 2016 - 11:22 AM

Dear Jenny,

I have two children in their tweens. I think it’s time to talk to them about the birds and the bees. Is now a good time? How should I start the conversation? Should I use props?


Jenny: Did I ever find it uncomfortable to talk about sex? Never, because sex is part of life! Anyway, I don’t think in this day and age you even have to have the “sex talk” with your children. With technology, it’s so “in your face” now. Even preschoolers are using iPads now, so by the time they’re teenagers, they can probably teach you about sex. That said, if you want to tell very little children about sex, I recommend pop-up books. (You asked for props.) There are ones with penis pop-ups and testicles dingling-dangling.

Also, I was lucky – I just had smart kids! (Hahahaha.) It’s true! I never had to sit down my kids to have the talk. Looking back, I think all the time, I was never-ending talking about sex. I was open with my children from Day 1. Especially with my girls, raising awareness of safe sex. With boys, there are STDs, but with girls, you always have another worry with unwanted pregnancies. Plus my children grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s, so they saw on TV how two people had sex, with two naked bodies. Not all the details – but Michelle was always cheeky and said things like, “See Mum, after sex, people always have a smoke.” Chinese people have a cup of tea, I think. Or I’d rather have a glass of wine, which is better for you than cigarettes.


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