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What tips does Jenny have for using up leftovers?
Jenny Phang

3 Feb 2016 - 10:17 AM  UPDATED 3 Feb 2016 - 10:17 AM

Dear Jenny,

I always cook too much food just in case a friendly neighbour or distant relative pops by. The problem is they often don’t, so I am always left with piles of extra food. I don’t want all the food to go to waste, so what should I do with all the leftovers? Any tips?

Jenny: It’s a little bit of a strange question. You sound too nice! And... maybe not very smart. (Hopefully people aren’t offended by me saying this.) Anyway, don’t cook too much to start with! And confirm that people are coming over. Yes, cook for people, but not too much! Number one tip: MAKE GOOD USE OF YOUR FREEZER. And make sure you cook recipes that can be frozen. Don’t just freeze anything. You can freeze casseroles – everybody knows that, I think – and anything that’s slow cooked. Fried rice freezes, like, forever. But don’t put shallots (spring onions) in it or frozen peas, unless you don’t mind them all soggy when they come out. Also, no bean sprouts in the freezer; they come out yuck. You can’t freeze Asian greens either. You have to eat them either today or tomorrow, otherwise ugh – they’re so yucky, so yuck.

I understand your problem though: when the kids moved out, it was a big change. You don’t even feel like cooking. I’m a small eater and I’m so used to cooking for so many people, I needed to get some recipe books, like “Cooking for One” and “Cooking for Two”. Also, I think I’d cooked enough when the kids were growing up, hahahaha. And down the road from where I live now, there’s a café and an Indian takeaway, and in the city, there’s Pappa Rich – I want to try everything on their menu. Why would I cook?! But I do love that white people culture of “bring a plate”. Then everyone’s contributing! Easy peasy. 


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