Briefing notes

Get to know 'The Good Fight' – season 4 is now airing on SBS and at SBS On Demand on Wednesdays at 9.30pm.

Get set for the season return of one of the smartest shows on TV.
In season 4 we meet a whole bunch of new faces who are going to shake the show to its very core.
‘The Good Fight’ dares ask the question: Would the world really be better off?
He plays the type of TV character that fans love to hate: an absolute weasel. And he's back to give lawyers an even worse reputation.
He’s heading up 'The Good Fight' law firm now, but Delroy Lindo’s been playing fighting men on the big screen for over thirty years.

The Chicago way

It's a scrappy law firm that isn't afraid to fight for its clients against the big end of town.

Three familiar faces, three newbies – these are the female characters at the centre of TV’s newest legal drama.
Explicit language is provocative by nature, but when used on TV to create realism, it’s no bad thing.
There’s a reason this woman got her own spin-off – in fact, there are several of them.
It wouldn’t be a legal drama without some briefs-dropping and witness handling.
The courtroom never looked so good.

Real world influences

With its ripped from the headlines approach to storytelling, The Good Fight strongly reflects the modern world around us.

For Michelle and Robert King, the married writing duo behind the critically lauded series The Good Wife and its new spin-off The Good Fight, there is no boundary...
When the head of America’s biggest hedge fund was revealed as a con artist, it cost billions of dollars, destroyed hundreds of lives – and became the story behind...
What would you do if you were being bullied online?
Fighting the good fight isn't as straightforward when you're in an interracial relationship.
Fake news and the alt-right are portrayed with nuance, making 'The Good Fight' the perfect piece of pop culture to exist in these Trumpian times.

The Good Fight SBS fan podcast

Each week Sarah & Dan discuss the new episodes of the show and reveal the real world stories that inspired the story.

A life-long family secret is revealed this week on The Good Fight prompting a whole lot of time in a number of courts. This week the show jumps from Bond Court to the...
Someone is killing lawyers in Chicago with the violence now reaching the offices of Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart. After Adrian is shot, the firm fights to keep...
It glows so bright. (SBS) ...
Alan Alda guest stars in this week's The Good Fight (SBS) ...
When the firm is given the opportunity to pitch for a high profile client who is close to their beliefs, the US Democratic National Committee, they are tasked...
On the SBS Good Fight podcast this week, Dan and Sarah discuss the character of Adrian on the show as he battles his inner angry demons. The two also explore the...