• Illustration of Carmelina and Me (Stellar Leuna)Source: Stellar Leuna
True Stories is a podcast told by Australia’s best emerging and award-wining writers. Season One, 'High School' celebrates the good, the bad and the ugly of those complicated years.
24 Sep 2015 - 4:51 PM  UPDATED 29 Mar 2016 - 3:18 PM

Bullying and humiliation are a dark part of emerging writer and novelist Tamar Chnorhokian’s high school life. But a special friendship sees her through the toughest moments. 

As a courtesy to those portrayed in this story, all names have been changed.


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'Carmelina and Me' written and read by Tamar Chnorhokian

Music & Sound Design: James Cecil

Executive Producer: Kylie Boltin

Producer: Megan Gibbon

Illustrator: Stellar Leuna

Photographer: Noel Mclaughlin

Record: SBS Broadcast Operations