Love Me As I Am: Untold Australia
Finding love is a tricky business at the best of times, but for young people with intellectual or learning disabilities, the challenges and stigma surrounding dating and relationships can be overwhelming. Finally, help is on hand. Straight-talking relationship coach Liz Dore is on a mission to break the taboos surrounding love and relationships for all. She's the only coach of her kind in Australia. For the first time, our cameras join her as she helps six young people find love and acceptance on their own terms.
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Untold Australia | 7.30pm Wednesdays

Welcome to the world of Untold and Unexplored Stories. 

The Pursuit of Love, the Journey towards Death, and the test of Family Ties

The fourth instalment of SBS’s critically acclaimed documentary series Untold Australia explores the life changing milestones of everyday Australians.

People are very curious. They ask questions like ‘do you have to touch the bodies?’
We dedicate hours to planning the details of our birthdays, weddings and other events, yet when it comes to celebrating our lives at the end, we tend to leave it...
Untold Australia Season 4 premieres Wednesday, 7 August at 8.30pm on SBS
I can't remember when, exactly, but a packet of condoms appeared quietly on my bedside table years before I lost my virginity.
Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju said 'I do' in New Jersey last week.
'Australia’s Forgotten Islands' shows what intercultural understanding can achieve.

Previously, on Untold Australia...

Indian Wedding Race

Two Indian Aussies navigate the remarkable world of online dating, astrologers, matchmakers and their traditional parents in a race to be married by 30.

Indian Wedding Race

Indian Wedding Race follows the trials and tribulations of these two young Indian Australians in their search for love.

Meet the participants

Two Indian Aussies navigate the remarkable world of online dating, astrologers, matchmakers, and their traditional parents in a race to be married by 30.
In the the race to get married before turning 30, many young Indian-Australians are returning to their homeland and actively seeking their parents’ help in search...
The Director of Indian Wedding Race, Sean Cousins, speaks to us about the character-driven documentary.
We join an Indian couple for some of the seven events that make up their Punjabi Sikh wedding, filled with family, rituals, fun and food.
And now they're all answered.

Caste acts

What if people refused to touch you because of your ancestry? India’s outlawed caste system is alive and well in Australia, say those once considered ‘untouchable’.

A Modern Mutiny

Norfolk Islanders are fiercely independent – but recent help from Australia came with strings attached, and now a modern day mutiny is brewing offshore.

A Modern Mutiny

With their own language, and their own hidden culture, many Norfolk Islanders don't see themselves as Australian – that it says so on their passport is merely ‘a...
16 year-old Leilani was born and raised in the Norfolk community, but as she finishes her schooling, she makes plans to see more of the world.
Although English is Norfolk Island's official language, residents also speak a local language called "Norf'k".
This tiny rocky outcrop in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is still technically a territory under Australian control, but its home to its own highly distinctive...
Find out more about Norfolk Island and use the study guide to start a conversation in your classroom.
The Norf'k language is on UNESCO's endangered language list, but the locals are doing their best to keep it alive.
Every year on the 8th June, Norfolk Islanders gather at Kingston to commemorate Bounty Day: the anniversary of their ancestors’ 1856 arrival to the island on...

Strictly Jewish: The Secret World of Adass Israel

Australia’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish subculture, the reclusive and secretive Adass Israel community in Melbourne, battle to maintain its millennia-old traditions in the face of modernity.

Strictly Jewish

The Adass Israel community, the most ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect in Australia, have never been filmed for television before.
In Strictly Jewish, Shlomo Abelesz, Raizel Fogel and Rabbi Aryeh Goldman reveal a community steeped in ancient rites and rituals.
The Melbourne Adass Jewish community is so ultra-reclusive and self-sufficient it even founded its own private ambulance service.
While in Israel, Rabbi Aryeh Goldman gets the opportunity of a lifetime.
Charity is a core tenet of Judaism, but Adass practice it every day of the year.

Celebrate Jewish Shabbat

Shabbat is a day of rest which begins at sunset on Friday, when Jewish families cease all forms of work and enjoy a meal together. We join the Horwitz family as...

True Stories podcast: Untold Australian stories

Listen to True 'Untold' Stories

True Stories is a podcast written and read by Australia’s best emerging and award-wining writers.


In Season Two: Untold Australia, discover true stories that reflect the diversity and uniqueness of Australia today.


Listed as iTunes Best Podcasts of 2015, True Stories returns with Season Two, ‘Untold Australia’. In Season Two, discover True Stories that reflect the diversity and...
Listed as iTunes Best Podcasts of 2015, True Stories returns with Season Two, ‘Untold Australia’. In Season Two, discover True Stories that reflect the diversity...
Born in a country that no longer exists, Sofija arrives in Australia as a child who has escaped a civil-war. Her home country Yugoslavia is divided, but as she...
Osamah is 19, and his main aim during Ashura, a ten-day Islamic ritual, is to score the chat-room nickname of Houda, the girl whose long eyelashes feed his new...
Living in Melbourne and struggling to become a writer, Abigail quits her job, grabs a backpack, and a buys a one-way ticket to Paris.