• Indian Wedding Race, Untold Australia (SBS)Source: SBS
Two Indian Aussies navigate the remarkable world of online dating, astrologers, matchmakers, and their traditional parents in a race to be married by 30.
16 Mar 2016 - 2:42 PM  UPDATED 7 Apr 2016 - 11:59 AM

Dalvinder Gil, 29 years old

Dressed in her best sari at the temple, Dalvinder looks as if she has only just arrived from the Punjab. In fact, she grew up in the middle class suburb of Balwyn with her Sikh parents. Like many children of immigrants, she juggles being identified as an Aussie but also as an Indian. She’s dated Aussie blokes and always imagined she’d marry one. But her dad has other ideas. He is urging her to follow tradition and marry a Sikh. Now 29 years old, Dalvinder knows that if she is not married by 30, people will think something is wrong with her. So with the help of her dad she embarks on a modern day journey to find a husband.


Tarun Bajaj, 29 years old

Unlike Dalvinder, Tarun left his family in India and came to Australia alone. He’s been living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne for ten years and has a good job at the Commonwealth Bank. But something is missing. He’s lonely and feels his life would be complete if he was married. He is succumbing to family pressure and also believes he must be married by 30; otherwise he will be ‘damaged goods’. He craves independence, but also his father’s approval. He wants to marry for love, but if that fails he’s willing to accept an arranged marriage. But who will accept him? A wealthy heiress from India? A woman from a speed dating night? A match from an online dating site? Finding ‘the one’ is not so easy for Tarun.


Shamsher Minhas, 29 years old

Shamsher has lived in Australia for eight years. His parents are traditional Sikhs and also live in the Punjab. Shamsher works as a tradesman and like many Indian Aussies lives in the new suburbs of Melbourne’s West. Also 29, he knows it’s time to get married and settle down. He tries the dating apps to see if he can find the girl of his dreams.


Indian Wedding Race, the first documentary in three-part series Untold Australia, airs Wednesday 13 April on SBS.