Tuna, Salmon and Aquaculture - This provocative new documentary series, led by Matthew Evans, highlights the complex and sometimes shocking truth about Australia’s seafood. It also launches a campaign around seafood labelling that will enable all Australians to make better choices when it comes to buying and consuming seafood. Matthew has been pressing for a change in the laws on seafood labelling so Australians can know what species they are eating and where it is from. But with wild fish stocks at their limit, methods of providing sustainable seafood to a growing population need to be sourced. Fish farming or aquaculture could be the answer, and this episode poses the question of what are the right species to farm. (Part 3 of 3) (Commissioned by SBS) (Documentary) PG(A,W) CC
AIRED ON 30 May 2016
EXPIRES ON 29 October 2021