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Everything you may have forgotten since the mid-season break.
Shane Cubis

30 Nov 2018 - 1:06 PM  UPDATED 30 Nov 2018 - 1:06 PM

The weather’s heating up down under, so what better time to slip into some manky furs, paint your face a crazy colour and start roaring at your enemies?

The Vikings hiatus went on for far too long (okay, it was 10 months) and we’ve been prowling like a caged Eyvan in anticipation of how this epic instalment of this even more epic series will take us through to the end of the year. Raise your horns and get rrrreadddyyyy to RAGNAROCK!


For those who came in late

There once was an earl named Haraldson, who – look, if you need that much of a catch-up, you should probably binge-watch the whole thing from the circa-2013 beginning. We’re sticking to what happened in the first leg of season five. No correspondence will be entered into. Put down the axe. And the teeth.


What happened in the first leg of season five?

Maaaate, what didn’t happen? Bjorn returned from the outside world, to find his hometown has changed more than Wollongong has in the past few years (fewer quirkily themed small bars, though).

It’s all kicked off between the brothers, who lined up for a massive blue. Ivar’s the big man on Kattegut campus after winning that stoush, ramping up military developments like he’s playing Civilization II in God Mode (this bloke would be happy as a clam).

Ubbe is all about fighting, but less about killing his brother, even in the heat of battle. And Hvitserk is, well. He’s there. Definitely present, that man.

And everyone else?

Beyond the Sons of Lothbrok, there was some more brotherly angst as Harald slaughtered Halfdan on the battlefield in a touching moment for anyone who’s had to share a room with their sibling.

Meanwhile, after her defeat at the boneless hands of Ivar, Lagertha’s holed up with her band of allies, including dodgy cleric Heahmund, plotting their next move.

Floki’s gang of dream-believers are waking up to the fact that Iceland isn’t actually Milkandhoneyland, despite the presence of a sweet natural jacuzzi. And Rollo’s ready to slide into Kattegut’s DMs.


Is Ragnar still dead?



Part 2 of Vikings season five starts on Thursday 6 December at 8:30pm. Episodes will stream at SBS On Demand after broadcast.

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