Season preview
Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances

In a fresh interpretation of the timeless story by H.G. Wells, an alien attack in present-day Europe exposes the deepest vulnerabilities of the survivors as they navigate a new, dangerous world. 

A timeless story, as relevant as ever

What does War Of The Worlds tell us about each other, and more importantly, about ourselves?


In this bold new take on H.G. Wells’ classic novel, Elizabeth McGovern stars as Helen Brown.
The 'Normal People' star talks about her role in the bold new take on H.G. Wells’ classic.
We speak to 'War Of The Worlds' creator Howard Overman about why the iconic tale of intergalactic invasion was ripe for a remake.
Meet the people fighting for their lives in the new drama series based on the timeless H.G Wells novel, coming to SBS 9 July.
With humanity about to face its greatest test in 'War of the Worlds', we take a look at why the original alien invaders are still the best.
If we have learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic, surely it is to not hoard the next time disaster strikes.
SETI, or the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, is a field of scientific inquiry dedicated to finding answers to that quintessential big question: are we...