What's the Catch? Matthew Evans discovers the shocking truth about Australia’s seafood and reveals what we should be eating and why. 


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Matthew shows the devastating impact of our insatiable demand for prawns and launches a campaign to help us all be part of the solution to save our seafood.
Matthew learns how the crucial role of the shark in our oceans is under threat unless we get better labelling laws on flake and the rest of our seafood.
With wild fish stocks reaching their limit, Matthew sets out to find how else we can continue to supply seafood from an exhausted ocean. Is fish farming the...
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Shark finning

Thai prawns

Fish swap


Squid & Calamari

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You can get involved and join the Label My Fish campaign here.

On the radio mic

SBS Radio navigates the waters of seafood sustainability

How Healthy is Seafood?

Millions of people rely on seafood for their protein but what are the health benefits and the risks?

Is your tuna ethical?

Is our appetite for tuna threatening the species’ future? We look at how tuna are fished, issues of sustainability and consumer awareness.
How do we ensure the supply of seafood for future generations? We talk to Tooni Mahto, a campaigner at the Australian Marine Conservation Society about the...

Recipes from What's the Catch

Enjoy Matthews recipes using delicious sustainable seafood

This is my version of paella. You can, of course, add some chicken or rabbit thigh early on (when you start the rice) to make it more of a mixed meal, but I prefer to...
I first ate this dish in Papua New Guinea, where the sharpness of lime is used to pickle the fish, in a way not dissimilar to the ceviche of South America. Here,...
Squid and calamari are abundant, and they replenish their stocks quickly. Choose to eat Australian caught Gould’s Squid from the Commonwealth Southern Squid Jig...
Choose sardines as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to larger, less sustainable fish, and choose Australian sardines over imported canned sardines....
Skipjack tuna, otherwise known as striped tuna, is amazingly underrated. If it’s line caught and bled, like the best sashimi fish always are, it’s terrific raw,...

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