To celebrate 40 years of broadcasting to Australia - we asked you the question: "Where will Australia be in 40 years’ time?"  Over the past few months you've been sharing your hopes, dreams, aspirations or fears for Australia in the next 40 years. And the winner is...


Huge congratulations to Jason Cox from Victoria for his winning entry:

"#in40years my grandchildren will laugh incredulously at the things we had to fight for like marriage equality, action on climate change and basic human freedoms."

Jason wins a $5,000 Flight Centre travel voucher.  Well done, Jason!



Runner's Up prizes of an iPad Air 2 go to:

Ms B Phillips, NSW - "#in40years the grass is greenest wherever you stand"

Ms A Knight, VIC - "#in40years There will be no more passwords, please!"

Ms S Carins, TAS - "#In40Years, what you did 40 years ago will have made a difference"

Mr S Boucher, SA - "#in40years The Pm Will Host A Bbq For Members Of 20 Different Ethnic Backgrounds (including Former Refugees) That Will Make Up The Australian Parliament"

Ms M Shapiro, VIC - "#in40years... children welcomed warmly into Australia in 2015, will be adults offering the same opportunity to new families needing a safe refuge in 2055."


Explore the #in40years map: 6,239 hopes and fears shared

Click pins on the map below to explore our galleries of Australia's hopes, dreams, aspirations or fears for the next 40 years.  The competition might be closed - but you can still get involved and share your hopes and fears on Twitter using the hashtag #in40years. 



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