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  • Amrita & Pankaj the happy couple (Pankaj Saw)Source: Pankaj Saw
In an exclusive interview with SBS Hindi Radio, Amrita Gupta the young widow of Pankaj Saw who plunged to his death after a fall from his third floor balcony in Sydney, demands further investigation. Amrita told SBS the first time she knew about her husband's death was through Facebook.
Kumud Merani - SBS Hindi

9 Apr 2015 - 10:30 PM  UPDATED 8 Apr 2015 - 11:52 PM

Pankaj Saw was a 29 IT analyst when he died the 2nd April 2015. Most Australian media said he was talking to his wife in India on the phone when he plunged about 10 metres to the ground at the block of apartments in Macquarie Park.

However, in an exclusive interview with SBS Hindi program, the young widow said she wasn't talking with her husband when he fell from the balcony.

Amrita wonders what her husband was doing on the phone at 1 am and claims he wasn't talking with her.

Amrita claims they were chatting on the laptop a minute before. Amrita queries, who was Pankaj talking to on the cordless white phone? Why did he suddenly go to the balcony? Why wasn't she informed about the death immediately?

In conversation with SBS, Amrita said she tried to contact her husband around 10 am of the following morning and the message she received was that he was busy and he would return her call.


Amrita also claims that nobody has called her, even thought she sent several emails to the Australian Police and the Indian Consulate.

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