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This Monday an Australian Somali model, known as Sharky Jama, was shot dead in Syria, while fighting with IS. This Wednesday, his father, Dada Jama, confirmed the death of his son to SBS Radio broadcaster, Ibrahim Mohamed.
Ibrahim Mohamed - SBS Radio Somali

16 Apr 2015 - 12:20 AM  UPDATED 16 Apr 2015 - 5:48 PM

Mr Mohamed said Dada Jama had received a phone call on Monday, saying that his son had been shot.

“He was told by his friends,” Mr Mohamed said.

“He got a text message and he received a phone call from Syria, someone has told him his son has passed away. Then he said ‘I tried his number’, because he has contact with his son. Automatically, it goes to voicemail, that’s what he said, and then he knew that his son is gone,” Mr Mohamed said.

Mr Mohamed said Dada Jama is expected to speak to the Somali community in the wake of his son’s death, urging them to take care of their children and ensure they don’t fall prey to militants.

“His message is to the Somali community, to look after their kids,” Mr Mohamed said.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade could not confirm the death to SBS News, citing limited capabilities in the “extremely dangerous security situation”.

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