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  • Candle light vigil held in Adelaide for Nepal earthquake victims. (Ashok KC)Source: Ashok KC
Rajish Aryal / SBS Radio Nepali

5 May 2015 - 12:14 AM  UPDATED 2 Sep 2016 - 8:45 AM

Nepal Earthquake: discrimination and resilience


26 Apr 2015 
The destruction you didn't hear about
Many heritage listed temples in and around Kathmandu have been completely ruined but there are plenty of places that aren't getting enough media attention says journalist Ramyata Limbu.
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27 Apr 2015
Children forced to sleep outdoors
Over forty kids from an orphanage in Kathmandu had to spent the night on their sports field after cracks appeared on their hostel building after the earthquake.
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27 APR 2015 
Oxfam focused on clean water for earthquake victims in Nepal
On Sunday Oxfam had 60 people working in Nepal with emergency packs to treat the water that could be contaminated after the earthquake. The organisation is focusing on the access to clean water, providing kits that include water solutions to treat the contaminated water and make it drinkable.
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29 Apr 2015
Dealing with trauma after the earthquake

How can Nepali people living outside the country protect themselves from mental trauma after the earthquake. Psychiatrist Dr Anupam Pokharel shares his thoughts to SBS Nepali.
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29 APR 2015 
Australia's ambassador's advice to Australians in Nepal
In conversation with SBS Radio Nepali, Australia's Ambassador to Nepal, Glenn White, has spoken about his advice to Australians in Nepal to leave the country and about the latest assistance provided by the Australian government.
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30 APR 2015
Sydney's Nepali to receive free counselling service; free hotline
Anjana Regmi from Asian Australian Alliance Womens forum says that a free phone hotline service is being setup to provide counselling service to people affected by the Nepal earthquake disaster. She is speaking here to SBS Nepali's Sameer Ghimire.
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2 May 2015
The impact on women and children
How much impact did the Nepal earthquake have on women and kids? SBS Radio Nepali correspondent in Nepal, Durga Nath Sharma reports. 


2 MAY 2015 
Neelam's effort to prevent disease outbreak
Concerns are bring raised about possible outbreak of disease in Nepal after the earthquake destroyed one- third of the country. To prevent this from happening, Sydney resident Neelam Pradhananga has started a campaign to assist with the clean up. She spoke to SBS Nepali.


2 May 2015
Small community, big heart

Despite the relatively small Nepali population in Northern Territory they have managed to contribute significant amount of money for earthquake victims in Nepal. Basudev Marahatta reports from Darwin.


2 MAY 2015 
New rules won't affect us
NRN (Non-Resident Nepali Association) spokesperson Mana KC says the latest government policy on donations will not affect the organization's work. He also spoke to SBS Radio Nepali about the relief effort provided by NRN members in Nepal.


3 May 2015
Sydney volunteer in Sindhupalchok
Sydney nurse Khimananda Neure is currently in Sindhupalchok's Chunaute village helping to provide relief assistance to the earthquake victims. He told us about the latest situation in the remote village.



9 May 2015
Nepal still awaiting Foreign Aid
Speaking with SBS Nepali, Nepal's minister for Information and Communication, Minendra Rijal has confirmed that the country is still awaiting foreign financial aid that was initially promised.
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9 May 2015 
25 thousand houses inspected
Two thousand five hundred engineers have now inspected 25 thousand homes in Nepal after they were damaged by the recent earthquake. Nepal Engineering association's chairman Dhruba Thapa spoke to SBS Nepali about the work they are currently doing across the country.
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10 May 2015
Confident of building one thousand houses
Speaking with SBS Nepali, NRN President Shesh Ghale has expressed his confidence to build one thousand houses to re-accommodate people who have lost their homes in recent earthquake.
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10 May 2015 
Nepali media's earthquake coverage
How successful were Nepal's media in delivering news to the people affected by the recent earthquake? Bharat Raj Poudel is a Phd student currently investigating disaster related news coverage in Nepal and he spoke to us about what he discovered.
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16 May 2015
Destruction in Solukhumbu
The Australian Himalayan Foundation has been working in earthquake ravaged Solukhumbu for the past decade and their team members are currently provind relief assistance. Foundation's program director Tshering Lama O'Gorman spoke to SBS Nepali about their current efforts.
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17 May 2015
New South Wales' politicians helping Nepal
New South Wales Shadow minister for Ageing, Disabilities and Multiculturalism Sophie Cotsis speaks to SBS Nepali about the state politicians support for earthquake victims in Nepal.
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17 May 2015 
Still smiling despite adversity
Many Nepalis who lost their house or their family are still managing to smile and beat adversity. Jay Poudel from the blog Stories of Nepal spoke to SBS Nepali about what people told him while collecting their story.
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23 May 2015
"Houses with cracks still livable"
Just because some parts of the house may be cracked does not mean it is not livable says earthquake science expert Prof. Rajesh Dhakal.
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24 May 2015
Recycling post-earthquake debris
Almost 95 percent of debris from the earthquake damaged houses in Nepal can be recycled says Aiden Short from Disaster Waste Recovery. He also told SBS Nepali about the work they are currently doing in Nepal.
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30 May 2015
Australia's rights and obligations
The Australian government has been accused of ignoring the plight of Rohingya people after thousands of them were stranded in Andaman sea. Here is what Parsuram Sharma Luital thinks about the issue and also about the federal government's plan to strip citizenship of people accused of fighting with terrorist organisations.
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6 Jun 2015
Nepal's Dalits discriminated after earthquake
A latest report in Nepal says that the members of the Dalit community in the country may have been discriminated against during the distribution of relief aid after the devastating earthquake on April 25. Jagaran Media centre's Rem Bahadur BK helped in preparing that report and he spoke to SBS Nepali. 
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Melbourne's candlelight vigil:
This weekend, hundreds of people gathered in Melbourne to commemorate the victims of Nepal earthquake.


Nepals' cricket captain supports victims

Nepal's cricket captain Paras Khadka says at least one player has been injured in the earthquake and that the donations to support the victims must go to the right place. Speaking to SBS Nepali, he also talked about the initiatives he has taken to support the victims. 


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- Oxfam focused on clean water for earthquake victims in Nepal HERE


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