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In conversation with SBS Radio Nepali, Aiden Short, from Disaster Waste Recovery (DWR), explains that recovering the waste also implies bringing awareness of what and how can be used safely to rebuild the houses.
Rajish Aryal / SBS Radio Nepali

23 May 2015 - 11:46 PM  UPDATED 23 May 2015 - 11:51 PM

DWR is in Nepal establishing debris and demolition support to local authorities and affected communities. They have mobilised demolition and debris engineers and are going to be developing guidelines and best practice for safe demolition and effective debris handling, with a focus on supporting livelihoods.

The oragnisation's website says: 'If this waste is not properly disposed of, uncontrolled dumping can have a damaging impact on public health and the environment. Contaminants can leach into soils and groundwater, there can be an increase in vermin, as well as unpleasant odors and negative visual impacts'.