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German-born WA based immigration lawyer, Daniel Estrin, runs courses for refugee communities in Perth, to make them aware of their legal rights. In conversation with SBS Radio German, he speaks about the difficulties of his job and how recent funding cuts impact the communities. He has run sessions with Hazara migrants – and coming up are the Somali and Rohingya communities.
Oliver Heuthe / SBS Radio German

30 May 2015 - 3:30 PM  UPDATED 26 May 2015 - 3:09 PM

Estrin identified refugees need legal advice and basic education of rights and obligations under Australian legislation. He says that when they arrive to Austraialia without knowing the migration system, they are at great risk.

One of the concepts that many asylum seekers find quite foreign is the right to appeal a Court's decision, and this knowledge can affect their lives dramatically, including the immigration process.

Out of the most common questions received by Estrin and his team, "How do I get my family here" is the most common one.