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This week a 22 year old American woman was killed by a lion in South Africa, while on a safari tour. Two months ago, an Australian man from Perth was also attacked by a lion in South Africa but managed to survive. SBS Radio Dutch talked with lion expert Vicky Brooker.
Anneke Boudewijn / SBS Radio Dutch

3 Jun 2015 - 6:17 PM  UPDATED 4 Jun 2015 - 7:03 PM

Vicky Brooker is known for her work with wild animals in Racing Stripes (2005), Wild at Heart (2006) and Scout's Safari (2002). 

Brooker talked with SBS Radio Dutch about the dangers of being close to lions, after the death of a young American woman this week.

The victim was taking photos of a group of lions and couldn't see another one was approaching her. She was apparently attacked through the window of the vehicle.

Earlier this year, the Australian man was also attacked through the window of a car in Johannesburg.

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