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  • (SBS Living Black Radio)
Rachel Muir, mother of three-year-old Samara, who was racially abused by a woman and her daughters recently. She’s speaking with Minelle Creed from Living Black Radio.
Minelle Creed / SBS Living Black Radio

3 Jul 2015 - 10:42 PM  UPDATED 1 Jul 2015 - 9:32 PM
Rachel Muir's daughter Samara from Ballarat in Victoria was standing in line at a shopping centre event for fans of the animated film Frozen, when she was verbally attacked by another mother and her two daughters.

The abuse made world headlines after Ms Muir posted a picture of little Samara on Facebook.

The Facebook post went viral within days. It reads: "My daughter was in tears when we were at watergardens for the 'Frozen' activities, as a mother & her 2 daughters told my daughter don't know why you dressed up for coz Anna & Elisa aren't Black & Black is ugly & you're.Black. Not nice.. Still Racism is alive & well in the next generation."

Ms Muir has told Minelle Creed, she's hopeful the incident will make people more aware of their own attitudes, and personal responsibility to their own, and other children.