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Kumud Merani's "The Story Untold" was awarded Best Feature of the Year in 2015 NSW Premier Multicultural Media Awards. The feature tells the story of the link between India and Aboriginal Australians, and it was also a finalist as Best Human Interest Story in this year's New York Festivals’ International Radio Program Awards.
Kumud Merani / SBS Radio Hindi

6 Jul 2015 - 1:52 PM  UPDATED 2 Sep 2016 - 8:44 AM

The Radio Feature, "The Story Untold" is a two part feature researched, produced and narrated by SBS Hindi Radio’s Executive Producer Kumud Merani. It was produced to coincide with Harmony Day to reflect the multicultural co-existence of people from distant lands in Australia since prehistoric times.

Listen to the "The Story Untold", part 1

While the strong ties between India and Australia are clearly evident now, it is practically unknown that four thousand years ago Dravidian Indian Tribes did travel by sea to Australia. It was once thought that Australia’s First Peoples had limited contact with other people and cultures.

However anthropological evidence has begun to point to greater and older multicultural connections.  In 2013 a new DNA study rocked the scientific world – containing new evidence that people from the Indian subcontinent came to Australia around four thousand years ago - an event also possibly linked to the first appearance of the dingo. This is the very first composite researched work on the ‘Australia-India’ link, providing another insight into our ancestries.

This feature uniquely investigates these ancient multicultural links and importantly makes this scientific discussion accessible to all people: a story about cultural connections.  Intricate and engaging, weaving art, language and religion with experts who could elucidate this complex topic.

Listen to the "The Story Untold", part 2

They included geneticists, archaeologists, historians and spiritualists using scientific evidence of the migration of Indian tribal peoples.  Kumud Merani’s journalistic expertise has produced a documentary giving a comprehensive explanation of links between the two peoples, both genetic and cultural. During the production of “The Story Untold” it was vital for us to understand and respect the cultural and spiritual sensitivities of Indigenous Australians. Crucially, we involved Indigenous Australians – both cultural representatives and scholars - in telling the story, asking them to reflect on their links with Indians to balance the story and give it an Australian context.

More about Kumud Merani

Kumud Merani is widely known and respected as a spokesperson building bridges between India and Australia through her radio productions and contribution to art and culture. An award-winning radio producer and presenter, Kumud was one of the pioneer newsreaders on Indian Television and now Executive Producer of SBS Hindi Radio.

She is a sought after Master of Ceremonies for Indo-Australian events – having compered more than 200 cultural events across Australia.

Kumud’s awards include two NSW Premiers awards, Premier Barry O’Farrell’s 2013 award for best radio reporting and the International Australia Pacific Broadcast award.