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  • A refugee carries a child as they arrive at the exhibition centre in Erfurt, Germany (EPA/MARTIN SCHUTT) (DPA)Source: DPA
Hwvar Khoshnaw, born in 1994 in Hewler/Erbil, Kurdistan region, arrived to Australia with her family in 1999, after spending two years in a refugee camp in Iran. She will be cycling 400 km from Vietnam to Cambodia in November this year to raise $5,220 for UNHCR to help refugees in the Middle East.
Roza Germian / SBS Radio Kurdish

12 Sep 2015 - 6:48 PM  UPDATED 12 Sep 2015 - 1:30 PM

'Refugees are displaced through no fault of their own, and unless you have experienced displacement, it can be difficult to fathom. These people are innocent mothers, father and children who never asked to leave their homes and their whole lives behind"

"If we believe every life matters then we have a responsibility to give a second chance to some of the most vulnerable people in this world. Every human has the right to feel safe and have access to basic necessities – shelter, food and protection from harm".

Unfortunately we are living in desperate times with more than 60 million people forcibly displaced in the world. That number is so large and mind-numbing and you can easily be overwhelmed by it. 

"I would love to raise $5,220 which will provide 25 000 emergency health kits for refugee arrivals for one month".

Source: SBS Radio Kurdish and UN REFUGEES