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We asked the question "Where will Australia be in 40 years’ time?" You answered all across Australia.
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5 Oct 2015 - 11:50 AM  UPDATED 5 Oct 2015 - 1:33 PM

Most entrants came from NSW and Victoria.  Queensland and other states and territories followed.

















Most people who entered provided us with their hopes for the next 40 years. Only 3% of comments were negative in tone.

Themes entries focused on:

  • Living in peace and harmony
  • No more war
  • Achieving equality
  • Celebrating multiculturalism
  • Living a happy life
  • Eliminating poverty
  • Eating quality food
  • Travelling around the world
  • Using renewable energy
  • Finding a cure for cancer
  • Welcoming refugees
  • Respecting indigenous Australians
  • Tackling climate change

Notable entries

Relationships and Robots?


"In 40 years, in 40 years, I hope people won't be calling fellow Aussies, names like 'queers'. In 40 years, in 40 years, I hope we have renewable energy and not fears. In 40 years, in 40 years, I hope I have a job alongside my peers. But most of all, in 40 years, in 40 years, I hope that us Aussies, are still on the beers."


"#In40Years my robot will cook, clean, light the candles and tell me that am a good lover!"


"#in40years I'll be buying rubies for my gay friends' wedding anniversary."


"#in40years I will be 83 and still on Tinder"


"#In40years when I am ninety-FOUR, I hope to be FORtified in health, FORtunate in wealth, and especially FORever in love!"


"I hope to be have my partner wearing Lee Lin Chin's wardrobe."


A tech future?


"#in40years Our Digital Natives, Close To Retirement, Will Be Frustrated By Their Techie Kids, Who Will Be Experts In The Technology They Can't Imagine In Their Wildest Dreams Yet"


"#in40years I'll still be in a dark room, on social media via new advance technology with pizza"


"#in40years i will finally be able to know what my dog's thinking!!!"


#In40Years I hope to be explaining to my children how electricity use to be powered by coal and how everything use to be carried in plastic bags.


"#in40years i will be 56 and still bad at math"


Equality and acceptance?


"In 40 years I will highly likely not be around but I hope that Australia will be a place where telling your friends 'I am going to a theater tonight' will not be viewed as snobbish."


"#In40Years Australia will have a vaccine for racism."


Visitors from other worlds?


"I fear we will be overrun by 10ft tall marauding kangaroos, flying spiders, and Gina Rineheart clones #In40Years"


"God will come by itself and solve world's problems."


"Aliens with big eyes and three legs will come to earth to be friends with us #in40Years and there will be 6,586 planets where they will come from. There will be plants at your house that eat intruders."