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The BBC will bring 12 hours of continuous coverage from the end of voting from the East Coast to the West. Get your United States presidential Election fix on the SBS Radio app.
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8 Nov 2016 - 2:43 PM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2016 - 3:46 PM

The most bitter, most extraordinary, most polarising presidential election for generations takes place in America on 8 November. America will decide between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: two personalities who have clashed bitterly over each other’s personal style and history. It's an election where every day has brought fresh revelations and accusations and where the polls have fluctuated in the key states which will decide the outcome.

From November 9 from 09:00 - 21:00 (AEDT) on the SBS Radio app

The BBC will bring 12 hours of continuous coverage from the end of voting from the East Coast to the West; for each key declaration in every crucial state as well as the expected concession and victory speeches of the candidates. Although in this race nothing can be taken for granted.

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How to find the BBC World Service on the SBS Radio app:

We will have four of the BBC's leading presenters in our special studio in Washington: Shaimaa Khalil, Jim Naughtie, Philippa Thomas and Tim Franks. They will be joined by political experts from the USA, and the BBC's correspondents at the campaign headquarters in New York and at the battleground states in the North and South.

This has been an election dominated by two extraordinary personalities – but what is at stake are the issues of trade, defence, education, abortion, justice - the very future of the United States of America. The whole world is effected by the outcome of this election. The whole world is waiting for the outcome. We will link with our worldwide network of correspondents through the results coverage. Join the BBC World Service to bring you the results state by state and reaction country by country across the globe.

Full details of the coverage can be found below:

James Naughtie will anchor from 09:00 AEDT (Nov 9) bringing together the presenters: 

  • 9 November 10:00 –  9 November 12:00 AEDT -  Tim Franks and Shaimaa Khalil
  • 9 November 12:00 – 16:00 AEDT -  James Naughtie and Philippa Thomas
  • 9 November 16:00 – 21:00 AEDT - Tim Franks and Shaimaa Khalil 

Wednesday 9 November on all schedules unless indicated (all times are in AEST):

  • 21:06-21:59 World Update  (as normal)
  • 22:06-11:59 Outside Source (as normal)
  • 23:06-23:59 Outside Source
  • 00:06-00:30 The Newsroom  (as normal)
  • 01:00-01:59 Newshour
  • 02:06-02:59 Newshour – East and West Africa schedules will maintain 15:06 Focus on Africa followed by 15:32 Sport Today
  • 03:06-03:59 World Have Your Say (as normal)
  • 04:06-04:59 World Have Your Say  - East and West Africa schedules will maintain Focus on Africa
  • 05:06-05:59 America’s Choice - The results dissected (full details below)
  • 06:06-06:30 The Newsroom  (as normal) - East and West Africa schedules will maintain Focus on Africa  
  • 07:00 - the schedule returns to normal

As listed on the BBC World Service website. 

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