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  • 'The Family Law' airs on SBS from 15 June. (SBS/Matchbox Pictures)Source: SBS/Matchbox Pictures
The Family Law is back for a second season, as funny and honest as ever - and it's now available to watch in Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Details below.
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26 Jun 2017 - 11:15 AM  UPDATED 26 Jun 2017 - 11:23 AM

Everyone’s favourite almost-functional Asian Australian family, The Laws, are back – returning with a double episode of The Family Law on Thursday, 15 June at 8.30pm on SBS. After a summer to remember, Jenny Law and Danny Law have amicably parted ways, and a wiser, more-mature Benjamin now understands that sometimes, parents just work better apart.

And now with subtitles

The Family Law is English-language, but with the aim of bringing the show to even more Australians, the new season of the much loved comedy drama will once again be available with simplified Chinese subtitles, in addition to Korean and Vietnamese subtitled versions, for those streaming via SBS On Demand - available anytime on viewers favourite device.

Stream The Family Law now with Simplified Chinese subtitles here. (First episode below): 

Then....Catch up on all the latest news from SBS Mandarin Radio here. 

And from SBS Cantonese Radio here.


Stream The Family Law now with Vietnamese subtitles here. (First episode below):

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Stream The Family Law now with Korean subtitles here.  (First episode below):


Then....Catch up on all the latest news from SBS Korean Radio here. 


New beginnings in Season 2

With the holidays over the Laws are turning a new leaf – or, as Jenny calls it, a “new flap”. Danny – having sold Happy Dragon – opens ‘Asian Alley’, an Asian grocery store and his first entrée into retail, while Jenny embarks on a quest of self-discovery. Resuming his role as family fixer, Benjamin helps his mother “find herself”, his father prove himself, and tries to stop his family from going off the rails – all while juggling his star-making turn in Sacred Heart High’s ground-breaking school production of a feel-good hit about infanticide, Medea.

This season, the Laws are starting anew while trying to stop old wounds from festering, and they’re taking series favourites (nosey aunties Maisy and Daisy; deranged drama teacher Mallory Mallory; serial shyster Beryl Streep; the annoyingly perfect Thomson family) along for the ride.

The Family Law airs on SBS every Thursday night at 8:30pm. New episodes and the entire first season are streaming now in English and Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese subtitles via SBS On Demand:

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