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SBS has introduced advertising on podcasts and radio streams. See below for some frequently asked questions.
7 Sep 2021 - 3:42 PM  UPDATED 4 Mar 2022 - 9:18 AM

Why is SBS featuring advertising on podcasts and radio streams? 

SBS has introduced advertising on podcasts and radio streams   

SBS is a hybrid-funded broadcaster, deriving its funding from the Australian Government and through commercial activities including advertising and sponsorship. 


Will advertising appear on all SBS podcasts and audio streams? 

Most of our podcasts and online radio streams will include advertising. Some content may be excluded at the discretion of SBS.


How much advertising is there? 

The amount of advertising will depend on the length of the content, following standards outlined in the SBS Code of Practice and policies relating to advertising and sponsorshipPodcasts and streams may include a pre-roll advertisement at the start, a midroll advertisement, and a post-roll advertisement at the end. 


Will advertising be heard on all listening platforms? 

Yes, this includes the SBS Radio app, our website, and all major podcasting apps including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and others. Podcasts are delivered to listeners via an RSS feed, and as long as the platform is using that feed, it will include the advertising. 


What language will ads be in?  

The ads you hear will either be in English or the language of the audio you're listening to. 


How will SBS make sure that advertisements are appropriate? 

All advertising will meet SBS’s advertising and sponsorship standards as set out in the SBS Code of Practice and the SBS Editorial Guidelines 


I downloaded an old podcast but heard an advertisement. Why? 

We are using dynamic ad insertion, which means that an ad is injected into a podcast or stream at the time it is played or downloaded. This means that even if you listen to a program that might be years old, the advertisement will be new. 


Who should I contact if I have a query, feedback, or a complaint? 

SBS welcomes feedback, suggestions and questions about any aspect of our content and services. Comments, feedback and complaints about SBS’s content and services can be made by contacting SBS.