Who are we? And where do we come from? As a multicultural nation, there is an ongoing discussion about what it means to be Australian today. Sukhdeep Bhogal AKA L-FRESH the Lion is leading conversations on Australian identity through his music, his work within his own community, and just by being himself; your typical Aussie Sikh hip hop artist.

L-FRESH the Lion grew up in Sydney’s south west. He has a Law degree, and over the last few years has worked within the community helping to advise refugees and settle new migrants.

“I think my identity is a combination of many elements, (...) I was born and brought up in South West Sydney, my parents migrated in the late eighties from Punjab (...) within that, there is Punjabi culture but there is also our faith, Sikhism, which has its own unique culture as well." L-FRESH is also a hip hop artist.

WATCH: L-Fresh the Lion talk about his identity, work and music

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