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Dr Christophe Guilmoto has worked extensively with United Nations on the issue of gender selection. According to Dr Guilmoto there is no doubt that Sex Ratios at Birth (SRB) among Chinese and Indians are skewed in Australia for the period 2003-2013.Dr Christophe Guilmoto.


Dr Guilmoto says one can even compute the number of "missing female births" in these two communities. To do so, he compares the expected number of female births (with a normal Australian SRB) with the observed number of female births in the two communities. By his calculations he estimates a total of 1395 missing female births during 2003-2013.

Dr Guilmoto says this number corresponds to the female births "avoided" by sex selection (presumably by sex selective abortions or pre-implantation selection) and that the proportion would be higher if we were to restrict the analysis to higher-order births (2nd, 3rd or 4th child in the family) since the SRB of first or second births are usually normal.