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In 2014, Diya -whose name has been changed to protect her identity- was living in Western Sydney with her new husband and parents-in-law. Soon after the family learned that Diya was expecting the first child, they began to pressure her to find out the gender. She resisted, fearing they could force her into terminating the pregnancy if the baby was a girl. 

"They kept forcing me so bad – ‘find out the sex - find out the sex!’. If it didn’t matter to them they wouldn’t have forced me that much...”

After months of trying to find out the gender, Diya’s mother-in-law eventually asked the doctor herself during Diya's ultrasound. But at that advance stage of her pregnancy an abortion was out of the question. 

Two months after the baby was born, Diya and her daughter found themselves out of the family home.

“I definitely think if it was a son (…) they wouldn’t have been so hard with my daughter that they kicked a two month old baby on the streets at night”

Indhira wants to have a boy

Indhira -whose name has been changed to protect her identity- has two girls and is pregnant again. SBS interviewed her the day before she went to have an ultrasound to discover the gender of the baby. 

In this interview she explains why having a boy is so important to her.