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The United Nations Population Fund has dedicated a section of the Fund’s website to Prenatal Sex Selection. The website includes 12 publications that tackle sex-selection issues.

* Daughter Elimination in Tamil Nadu, India: A Tale of Two Ratios. Access here
* Sex Imbalances at Birth. Access here
* Recent Change in the Sex Ratio at Birth in Viet Nam. Access here
* Preventing Gender-biased Sex Selection in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Access here
* Sex tests hit rural India. Access here
* Trends in selective abortions of girls in India. Access here
* UNFPA First Agency to Campaign against Sex Selection in China. Access here
* Sex Selection: Pervasiveness and Preparedness in Nepal. Access here
* Son Preference and Daughter Neglect in India. Access here
* Ensuring daughter survival in Tamil Nadu, India. Access here
* Report of the global meeting on skewed sex ratios at birth. Access here
* Preventing Gender-biased Sex Selection. Access here

In recent years, the legality of abortions based on gender has been discussed in the Parliaments of Canada, United Kingdom and United States as the result of some of the migrant communities taking the practice to the new homeland. 

In Canada, abortion for sex selection is still legal after the Parliament rejected in 2013 a bill that criminalised the practice.

In the United Kingdom sex selective abortions are illegal. The UK government issued a document in May 2014, called “Guidance in Relation to Requirements of the Abortion ACT 1967”.

In the United States, the Prenatal Non-discrimination Act (PRENDA) of 2015 prohibits sex-selective abortions, as well as “the use of force or the threat of force to intentionally injure or intimidate any person for the purpose”.