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Thursday 28 Jan 2016
"How clean, how big, how wide everything was. The sky was so blue; I had never seen anything like that."
Wednesday 27 Jan 2016
Domingo Perdon and his girlfriend were office mates in Manila. They both applied to migrate to Australia. She was accepted; he wasn't. She moved to Australia and he joined her the following year, in 1981.
Australia’s First Peoples ask that you make a commitment to learning when you first travel to Australia to live. Please learn about the nation you live on, who the First Nations people are and understand there are many traditional languages.
Born in North Korea, Dongup Kim volunteered as a soldier in the South Korean Army during the war. Separated from his family when he was very young, he finally migrated to Australia in the late eighties. As an Australian citizen he managed to...
First Day: "The sky looked so close I could almost touch it"
Coming from Singapore where she could get any kind of Asian food, arriving in Australia in the sixties was a big challenge.
Sarah Yahya was born in 1995 and has been living in Australia since 2007. This is how she remembers her First Day in Australia.
Enchanted by Australian friendliness and feeling very welcomed, Andy Chan studies and works in Australia and wants to stay.