Series 1, Episode 3

Eva and Kerry

Eva and Kerry

Eva grew up during the Cultural Revolution in China. Life was tough and she still has strong memories of the strict regimes her family faced. Eva married a Chinese man in Shanghai. They had a son and moved to Australia but later grew apart. Being a single mum was tough and they struggled financially.

When Eva returned from a trip to China during the middle of the recession in 1990 she got a job as a receptionist at a "introduction" agency. She didn’t like the boss or the way he treated the clients so she set up her own match making business in 1997 and now has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Most of her female clients are Asian and male clients are Caucasian. As an introduction agent she has a knack for knowing what people really want. She said that a lot of people’s real needs are subconscious and figuring these out is part of her success.

Eva always had a policy to never date clients but she broke her rules when she met Jim. He’d been calling for six months and was reluctant to go to Eva’s office for a meeting. Eventually he met Eva, took her to lunch and the rest is history. They are still head over heels in love after 10 years and a great example of an inter-racial couple.

Eva would like to meet her neighbours to show that inter-racial relationships can work and that love found later in life is truly worth the wait.

Kerry was born in WA and being fourth generation military, third generation Navy, she joined up to the armed forces when she was 17. Her main role in Navy was as a communicator, however she was also heavily involved in Operation Sumatra, which was to provide assistance post 2004 tsunami: getting schools back up, establishing fresh water, and general clean up.

At age 19, whilst working in the Navy, she suffered three strokes in one day. Initially she thought she had slipped a disc and experienced full paralysis down the right side of her body. The doctors speculated that it was caused by a combination of the contraceptive pill and smoking. She was told by a doctor that she had two years to live and that she was a “ticking time bomb”.

Whilst with the Navy she gave up her weekends to volunteer at a pet home. Coming from a farming background she has always been interested in animals and animal welfare.

Last year, she left the navy and the vet and manager of the shelter asked Kerry to be her assistant. Kerry now works at the shelter full-time and does anything from admin to temperate testing the animals to cleaning out the cages.

Kerry is also planning a wedding. In November she is due to marry her fiancée, whom she met in the Navy.

Kerry lives in an apartment block and she thinks the people around her tend to lead very secluded lives. She wants to meet her neighbours and promote the good work of the animal shelter at which she works.

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