Episode 1: The Fugly Fringe

It’s January, summer in Boonelg, and just before school starts back for teenage fugly Jennie Cragg, the hunk of her grade, Nick Lazzarri, returns from being in \'juvy\'.

Episode 2: The Parachute of Healing

Berenice is officially obese and Jennie sets out to save her mum by any means possible, including a gimmick exercise machine and enlisting the G.L.S (God\'s Love Society).

Episode 3: The Maths Olympiad

It\'s the yearly highlight moment for Jennie and her friends but will jealous rage unhinge the friends. Also Cassandra throws a \'tanty\' at the cinema, getting on the wrong side of the law.

Episode 4: The Roller Skank Rink

Desperate now to help her mother, Jennie must raise $10,000 by any means possible. She unsuccessfully tries selling \'bonsai cats\' and then trusting her savings with her gambler father. Is \'selling herself\' at the roller rink the only option left?

Episode 5: The Need for Mongs

Jennie has to put together a \'mega mad dance squad\' to beat the skanks. While Aunty Cassandra might have stumbled on the solution to raising the money - exploiting her \'mongs\' yet again.

Episode 6: The Dance Battle

After helping Cassandra selfishly collect $10,000 in prize money for herself, Jennie must take the mega mad dance battle by storm to save her obese mother with a stomach staple.

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