Welcome to SBS Commissioned Content. This site will provide you with everything you need to know about what each genre and platform is looking for, how to submit your idea and what not to pitch. From documentaries and factual to food, entertainment, drama and comedy – this site will explain how each genre reflects SBS’s Charter and our commissioning values.

Commissioning Areas

Food And Lifestyle
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Diversity Talent Escalator
SBS and the screen agencies are collaborating to fund a new Diversity Talent Escalator to secure genuine,  flexible, on-the-job, paid learning and immersion for emerging screen practitioners from diverse backgrounds on ALL SBS commissioned programs including documentary, factual entertainment, food, comedy and/or drama programs.

Aside from practical training, the scheme will provide vital networking opportunities, hands-on experience/credit, and increase the chance of securing further work with other companies in the screen sector.

To find out more, contact your Commissioning Editor.

Untold Australia: Call out for new single documentaries

SBS is pleased to announce a call out for submissions for Season 4 of ‘Untold Australia.’
SBS is looking for one hour documentaries that explore hidden multicultural worlds. These can be hidden subcultures, unexplored areas of multicultural Australia, or an unexpected way of tackling contemporary issues. What they will all have in common is that they will be character-led worlds with unfolding, untold stories that will surprise and occasionally shock.

Season 1 of ‘Untold Australia’ ranged from looking for love in the Australian-Indian community, (Indian Wedding Race) an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in the heart of Melbourne, (Strictly Jewish) and Norfolk Island’s unique culture and its changing relationship with Australia (A Modern Mutiny) 

Season 2 is in production as a VR season in collaboration with Screen Queensland.  Season 3 is in full production with a new range of four more 1 hour Documentaries.

SBS Head of Documentaries, Joseph Maxwell said: “Untold Australia is a returning strand that allows a diversity of voices and stories to be explored. We are looking for more surprising and moving stories that give an insight into modern multicultural Australia.”

SBS are looking for a variety of tones and encourage proposals which are celebratory as well as issue- based. They will be observational documentaries and led by strong engaging characters. A short character reel is vital.

This season of up to 4 x 1 hours will screen on SBS from 2018.
SBS Documentaries welcomes proposals of a 3-5 pages and they must have accompanying pitch reels, (ideally 2 – 5 mins).

Successful pitches will be shortlisted for further funded development.

Proposals should be sent to SBS Documentaries

Julia Tamplenizza: Julia.Tamplenizza@sbs.com.au

Deadline for proposals is Friday 6th  October
Decision will be made by  Monday  30th October

Generally SBS expects that considerations regarding distribution have been factored in, and discussions regarding the marketing of the proposal will be included in your application.

Get My Program on SBS

SBS invites distributors and producers of completed programs to submit them for consideration for potential acquisition.

SBS Producer Guidelines

SBS has developed the SBS Producer Compliance Guidelines for factual material in commissioned content.

Working With Us

Guidelines & information for producing a show for SBS.