At SBS we aim to inspire Australian and international audiences to explore and celebrate our diverse world through the universal language of food. SBS Food TV remains distinctive through the strategic commissioning and acquiring of high quality content on both SBS and SBS Food Network.

Our world-class commissions occupy a unique position in the Australian food media landscape and offer a genuine alternative to food programming available elsewhere, while using food as a conduit to cultural insight and understanding.

Our content includes popular high quality, high production value series – such as The Chefs’ Line, Gourmet Farmer, Food Safari and Destination Flavour.  Each of these programs celebrate food as well as the people and culture behind it.

We pride ourselves on attracting the best chefs and food presenters to host our food programs, including Adam Liaw, Poh Ling Yeow, Luke Nguyen, Peter Kuruvita, Shane Delia, Matthew Evans, Maeve O’Meara, Dan Hong, Melissa Leong and Mark Olive.

While each has their own personal style, they all share an insatiable curiosity and passion for the world of food and a flair for immersing audiences in a particular culture and cuisine.

Luke Nguyen's Vietnam

Gourmet Farmer

Adam Liaw

The Chef's Line

Diversity Talent Escalator
SBS and the screen agencies are collaborating to fund a new Diversity Talent Escalator to secure genuine,  flexible, on-the-job, paid learning and immersion for emerging screen practitioners from diverse backgrounds on ALL SBS commissioned programs including documentary, factual entertainment, food, comedy and/or drama programs.

Aside from practical training, the scheme will provide vital networking opportunities, hands-on experience/credit, and increase the chance of securing further work with other companies in the screen sector.

To find out more, contact your Commissioning Editor.

Working With Us

Guidelines & information for producing a show for SBS.

SBS Producer Guidelines

SBS has developed the SBS Producer Compliance Guidelines for factual material in commissioned content.

Get My Program on SBS

SBS invites distributors and producers of completed programs to submit them for consideration for potential acquisition.

Our Team

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John Godfrey

Head of Unscripted

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Josh Martin

Commissioning Editor of Entertainment & Food

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Tracey Kent

Production Supervisor