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Business Affairs
The Business Affairs team manages the deals and underlying contracts, in conjunction with SBS Legal, for all parts of SBS’ Content’s commissioning and distribution businesses.  

SBS Legal

SBS Legal is a team of six experienced lawyers, all of whom regularly work with SBS journalists, inhouse producers and commissioned content producers.

SBS Program Resources

SBS Charter
The SBS Charter, provided in the SBS Act, sets out the principal functions of SBS and a number of duties it has to fulfil.

SBS Codes of Practice

The SBS Codes of Practice sets out the principles and policies SBS uses to guide its programming.

Indigenous Protocol and Guidelines
The Protocol and Guidelines for the Production of Film and Television on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities.

SBS International

SBS Distribution promotes programs to new audiences - whether they are content buyers or consumers.


Established in 2010, the SBS Outreach program creates innovative partnerships with organisations which have an affinity with the SBS Charter in order to maximise the public value of its key programs.

Outreach partnerships enable SBS to provide a more ambitious and engaging offer to its audience. This is achieved by building on existing networks and projects, sharing resources and combining organisational strengths to deliver a mutual agenda.  These partnerships not only open up creative collaboration with external organisations but also extend the impact of SBS programs by developing new and innovative ways to reach and grow audiences.

SBS Learn is the new home of free learning resources for students, teachers and the incurably curious.

Key Outreach projects to date include:

National Youth Week 2016 - partnership with the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA).

Go Back To Where You Came From series 3 - partnership with Australian Red Cross.

First Contact series 1 - partnership with Reconciliation Australia.

What's The Catch - partnership with Sea Life Trust.

Harmony Game - partnership with Department of Social Services and Football Federation of Australia.

The Heart of Punchbowl - partnership with aMBUSH Gallery.

One Day in Cabramatta - partnership with Western Sydney arts and cultural organisation Information + Cultural Exchange (ICE).

Useful Industry Links

Australian Film & Television Funding Agencies

Screen Australia
Screen NSW
Film Victoria
Screen Queensland
Northern Territory Film Office
Screen Tasmania
South Australian Film Commission

Industry Organisations

Australian Directors Guild
Australian Writers Guild
Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA)
Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA)
Australian Cinematographers Society

Government Departments & Industry Regulator

Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA)
Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
Department of Environment, Water Heritage and the Arts

Industry Directories

The Encore Directory and The Production Book contain lists of production companies and producers.

SBS Archive

SBS holds a unique collection of television and radio content, with a particular focus on multicultural and indigenous subject matter. SBS radio commenced transmission in 1975, and television in 1980, for this reason our collection is relatively young, and we are not able to supply material earlier than this period. While SBS produces content for news, current affairs and indigenous content, we also heavily rely on our external suppliers for much of our international and local content, therefore clients should be aware that material screened on SBS may not be available for sale.  This will particularly apply to international breaking events.

If you would like to make a footage inquiry please email sales at

SBS Producer Compliance Guidelines for factual material in commissioned content

SBS regards the integrity of the production process and the protection of audience trust as critical to the success of its commissioned programs and content. To assist achieving this, SBS aims to work collaboratively with its external producers and where possible provide tools and guidance to ensure content meets the editorial, legal and ethical expectations of our audiences and stakeholders.

As part of this aim, SBS has developed the SBS Producer Compliance Guidelines for factual material in commissioned content (Guidelines). These Guidelines are intended to provide helpful, practical and best practice guidance to producers on particular areas relating to factual content, and are in addition to the existing SBS Codes of Practice and SBS Editorial Guidelines with which all SBS content must comply.

Click here to download SBS Producer Guidelines.

Diversity Talent Escalator

SBS and the screen agencies are collaborating to fund a new Diversity Talent Escalator to secure genuine,  flexible, on-the-job, paid learning and immersion for emerging screen practitioners from diverse backgrounds on ALL SBS commissioned programs including documentary, factual entertainment, food, comedy and/or drama programs.

Aside from practical training, the scheme will provide vital networking opportunities, hands-on experience/credit, and increase the chance of securing further work with other companies in the screen sector.

To find out more, contact your Commissioning Editor.

Get My Program on SBS

SBS invites distributors and producers of completed programs to submit them for consideration for potential acquisition.

SBS Producer Guidelines

SBS has developed the SBS Producer Compliance Guidelines for factual material in commissioned content.

Working With Us

Guidelines & information for producing a show for SBS.