The new digital divide

Maria Papas argues that social technologies are not to blame for human disconnection, but relishes the satisfaction that a long, robust face-to-face conversation can bring.


Remote hope

Adel Ziani believes mobile devices have fractured his family's TV viewing practices. He attempts to do something about it - even if it means watching his wife's favourite talent shows.

About the SBS CQ Forum

SBS CQ is a forum series and online resource around media practice, particularly as it relates to Australian cultural diversity. CQ draws on research, commentary and a range of views to take debates further around the ways media reflect, shape and interpret our society.

This special debate – the third in the series – is hosted by award-winning journalist Stan Grant, and poses the question:
Who should tell Indigenous stories?
Guests state that the media fails to cover Indigenous issues in any depth, or that it only focuses on conflict and negativity. The forum discusses how any negative portrayal of Indigenous stories in the media can shape society and affect public policy.

CQ is also an online resource for media students, practitioners and researchers, providing a space for recent research aligned with the topics we cover. Feel free to comment, https://twitter.com/SBS_CQ contribute or contact us: email david.melzer@sbs.com.au

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