As Inspector Patricia Wright

Susie Porter

Susie was born and bred in Newcastle. After completing her BA at Newcastle University, she went to NIDA where she graduated in 1995.

Since then she has tackled varied roles, starring on both stage and screen. She is no stranger to SBS, winning an award for her role in the critically acclaimed RAN
(Remote Area Nurse). ‘I’m glad that we have SBS. They are always willing to make programs that present a different view on the world and offer our industry the
opportunity for true creativity and truth. They show society the way it is, like having a Muslim detective as a hero.’

In EAST WEST 101 Susie plays Inspector Patricia Wright, who heads the Major Crime Squad. Wright is a woman in power, isolated through her position, and yet able to
approach the problems of management in a confident and feminine way.

In preparing for the role, Susie spoke with women of position and authority in the police force. The passion and dedication shown by these women will inform Susie’s approach to the role of Wright ‘It’s not a nine to five job. It’s a way of life. These women are serving the community.’

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East West 101, Season 3 ‐ The Heroes' Journey wins the AACTA Award for Best Television Drama Series.

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East West 101, Season 3 (DVD)

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