Episode 9: Wedding

Air Date: 16 September 2013 12:00 AM

Shazza, Vanessa and Beryl hatch a plan to make the boys marry them and share their new pensions.

Dazza and Kev are cashed up after being declared brain damaged, no longer dependent on their women. Vanessa, Shazza and Beryl hatch a plan to make their men marry them and share benefits. They know the boys wont’ agree so they get them smashed and force proposals. After a massive effort of bribery and theft the girls manage to pull together a ceremony, for that afternoon – before the hangovers wear off!

Episode 8: Tokyo

Air Date: 9 September 2013 12:00 AM

Franky gets an idea on his brain and scams a free holiday to Japan for Shazza, himself and Abdul.

Franky has a mad idea to scam a free holiday from the TV networks.  Abdul pretends to be Shazza and Franky’s hairy, mentally challenged, son to gain sympathy.  It works and the guys get a free holiday to Tokyo, Japan!  Japan is like nothing the housos have ever experienced especially when they are off their faces on drugs.

Episode 7: Junkie

Air Date: 2 September 2013 12:00 AM

The junkies have gone crazy stealing everyone’s stuff and selling it to the bikies.

The Junkies have gone crazy stealing everyone’s stuff and nothing is safe.  The Housos need money to buy their stuff back so Shazza and Vanessa tell Centrelink they have 18 kids each to up their benefits.  Franky stalls the Centrelink guy in true Franky style, while the girls organise lots of babies and pull the scam of the century. 

Episode 6: Cops

Air Date: 26 August 2013 9:30 PM

A TV show is following Cop Garry and Cop Richard while they try and keep order in Sunnyvale.

A reality TV show is riding with Cop Garry and Cop Richard while they trawl through Sunnyvale. The housos are excited to watch themselves on TV but it soon becomes apparent that the show is editing out the truth to make the cops look good and the housos are not happy.

Episode 5: Rehab

Air Date: 19 August 2013 9:30 PM

After taking a drug cocktail and seeing aliens Dazza is committed to a rehab facility.

Dazza has been going hard on the drugs and is acting crazy, he is arrested for disturbing the peace and sentenced to rehab. Things are not all sober at rehab though and Dazza is starting to thrive, the junkies bring in drugs, a sex addict is attracted to him and his mates are constantly visiting  - with beer.  When Dazza gets out though he is a reformed man, no more addictions, or is he?…

Episode 4: Uncle Fred

Air Date: 12 August 2013 9:30 PM

Franky’s favourite Uncle Fred has died but he’s left Franky something special in his will.

Uncle Fred taught Franky everything he knows, how to pick up chicks, do thongings, burnouts and graffiti stuff. When Franky gets a call from Pauly at the Fat Pizza shop he finds out Uncle Fred has died and left him something in his will. So Franky and Kev go on a road trip to the desert to see what riches he has inherited.

Episode 3: Dazza the Bikie

Air Date: 5 August 2013 9:30 PM

Dazza joins the bikie gang the ‘Hunterz’ to make Shazza horny.

The sex lives of the Housos is under threat. Dazza joins the Hunterz motorcycle gang because Shazza hasn’t been sleeping with him. Franky is caught on camera doing a good deed, he and Kev decide to set-up as ‘Robbing Hood’, getting back stuff for other people for a cut. Being an apprentice bikie and doing dirty ‘jobs’ can be harder than getting a job and the boys are all suffering.

Episode 2: Jailbreak

Air Date: 29 July 2013 9:30 PM

Franky, Kev, Dazza and Reg are sent to maximum security after helping Beryl escape the police.

Beryl is arrested for defrauding Centerlink, the Housos riot in protest and while Beryl gets away Franky, Dazza, Kev and Reg are arrested and put in Jail. Shazza and Vanessa are hard up for money while the boys are gone and try new scams to get extra cash.

Reg thrives in jail but poor Dazza is hounded by Bubbles who is looking for a girlfriend, Dazza convinces the boys to try and escape.

Episode 1: Voucher

Air Date: 22 July 2013 9:30 PM

Dazza gets Shazza the best birthday present ever, a voucher to a posh restaurant.
Dazza is smug, he traded Beryl’s heart pills for a fancy dinner voucher for Shazza’s birthday – only problem is he can’t remember what he did with it.

Dazza, Kev and Franky trace their night back to jolt their memories.  Dazza, Shazza and the gang head to the fancy restaurant for an all expenses paid dinner, or will Dazza stuff it up again?

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