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Welcome to the JABBED Vaccination Hub, a place where you can find useful background information and links.
Science Background
Interested in the science behind immunity; what is a vaccination and how it all works? Then click here to find out more.
Remembering History
Diseases that were once common have now largely disappeared. Before these stories are forgotten, hear from those who were there.
Disease Profiles
Find out more about some of the key diseases profiled in JABBED. Hear about how these diseases can be caught, what they do to you and how they can be treated. Find out more.
Additional Resources
Want more information? Visit our resource page here.


Where do you stand?

Experts have designed and published a
novel way of looking at people's attitudes
to vaccination, going beyond the usual
'pro' and 'anti' vaccination

They have identified 5 key groups of people who have a range of attitudes to vaccination.
Find out where you stand here.

Jabbed Survey Highlights

National Survey
of Australians have some concerns around vaccination.
How do you compare?
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The Experts

What does the Queen's homeopathic doctor think of vaccination?

Can you find common ground between vaccine makers, alternative healers, immunologists and anthropologists? Meet the experts here.