Further resources

The following links are to third party websites, and are provided for further research about the topics discussed in JABBED. The information contained on these sites is not endorsed by SBS. Persons seeking medical advice should consult their GP.


Immunise Australia Program
Immunise Australia telephone hotline
1800 671 811

Australian Academy of Science


Chain of Protection

Vaccine Safety

Each State and Territory has basic information sheets on vaccines and infectious diseases:
            Australian Capital Territory – ACT Health
            New South Wales – NSW Health
            Northern Territory – NT Department of Health and Community Services
            Queensland – Queensland Health
            South Australia – Department of Human Services, SA
            Tasmania – Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania
            Victoria – Department of Human Services, Victoria
            Western Australia – Department of Health, WA


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia



Immunization Action Coalition (IAC)

Vaccine Information You Need (IAC)

Decision Aids



Some sites of interest

Voices for vaccines – parents speak

Moms who vax

Myths and Realities

Myths and Realities


The History of Vaccines of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Autism Science Foundation

Understanding science

Hoax busting site

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The Experts

What does the Queen's homeopathic doctor think of vaccination?

Can you find common ground between vaccine makers, alternative healers, immunologists and anthropologists? Meet the experts here.