Episode 1: Welcome to Swift and Shift

This is the first glimpse of Hashfield Depot complete with incompetent workers, office porn, a lack of sanitation (where\'s the toilet paper!), and senior management on a mission to shut the place down.

Episode 2: The Polar Bear Suit

Mario and his courier brother in arms Luigi Marietti (Sam Greco) \'borrow\' a polar bear suit for a job to impress Luigi\'s latest gym bunny. Leanne is in dispatch covering for the day while the twins road rage regional manager Amanda off the road.

Episode 3: Management Training

Jonathon (Brendan Jones) the CEO of the Tri-Mega Corporation, which owns Swift and Shift, realises that in order to obtain the Government funding he’s applied for, he needs to up skill his staff and provide management training for women, ethnics and the disabled.

Episode 4: Sexy Package

The efficiency managers are making fast work of overhauling systems at Hashfield against Keith\'s wishes. Damien\'s \'efficiency\' upgrade crashes the system though leaving Leanne to direct Mario delivering the sexy package without any GPS.

Episode 5: The Rocket Ride

Amanda the regional manager, is organising a charity dinner with a vintage children’s rocket ride as the main auction item. Oldest courier Bill and his third wife Jennifer are on the pick up case but run into some unexpected obstacles - Mario is sent to help out.

Episode 6: The Safety Inspector

David the Dwarf is furious about his unsafe chair height - but Keith has no budget for new chairs. Next thing he knows Dave calls Work Cover to enlist Gary the safety inspector who arrives to find George trapped in a box, footballs flying about, and ends up run over by Amanda\'s black Mercedes.

Episode 7: A Swifty Shifty Xmas

Jolly times at Hashfield depot for the work Xmas party - which translates as a drinking session at the local pub. Little does Keith know that Amanda plans to fire him at the party, though with amazing luck she is pulled over on the way by former Swift and Shifter Murray who saves the day.

Monday Wrongness

A celebration of the shows that would make your mum blush - Swift & Shift Couriers, South Park and Skins, among others.


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