Asylum Seekers

In the last twenty years, sixty thousand 'boat people' have arrived in Australia. How we deal with them when they get here continues to polarise public opinion.
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Boat carrying migrants arrives at tourist beach in Spain's Gran Canaria

22 October 2020

Video Home Affairs didn't want you to see leads to calls for immigration detention inquiry

22 October 2020

Mamer came to Australia as a refugee. He committed a violent crime. Can he be deported back to a war-torn country?

20 October 2020

Growing numbers of refugees face indefinite detention in Australia

20 October 2020 Audio Track

This Instagram account showcases the rich flavours of refugee-run businesses

20 October 2020

ကိုဗစ်ကာလကြားက ငြိမ်းချမ်းရေးရှာ အမျိုးသမီးများ

17 October 2020 Audio Track

Four to a bed and escorted by guards: Biloela family describes tough year on Christmas Island

15 October 2020

Lawyers say the 'disgraceful' handling of an asylum seeker case raises bigger questions

14 October 2020

Australia put Helal 'Spicy' Uddin in detention. Papua New Guinea deported him. Then he returned

13 October 2020

How being a refugee shaped my appreciation for education

01 October 2020

'What would you do?': This refugee says he'd happily work as a fruit picker, in exchange for residency

01 October 2020 Audio Track

Growing number of children remanded in custody sparks calls for urgent reform

01 October 2020

Italy's blockade of migrant rescue ship 'putting human lives at risk', aid groups say

20 September 2020

Most homeless Lesbos asylum seekers head to new camp after fire

19 September 2020

US detention centre nurse speaks out about widespread hysterectomies and COVID-19 threat

18 September 2020

An asylum seeker 'weeks from death' remains in Australian detention, despite UN letter

15 September 2020

Fire breaks out at Greece's overcrowded Moria migrants camp

09 September 2020

Muslim immigration detainees allege their food is not halal

08 September 2020 Audio Track

Nearly 300 Rohingya refugees land in Indonesia's Aceh

08 September 2020

Kurdish musician, refugee, Moz Azimitabar: Our phones are our lifeline

06 September 2020 Audio Track
As the debate rages, where do you stand?

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