Asylum Seekers

In the last twenty years, sixty thousand 'boat people' have arrived in Australia. How we deal with them when they get here continues to polarise public opinion.
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Canadian Indigenous community finds nearly 100 'potential' graves at former boarding school

26 January 2022

SBS Punjabi Australia News: Monday 24 Jan 2022

24 January 2022 Audio Track

The controversial 'god powers' that helped Australia's immigration minister deport Novak Djokovic

24 January 2022

Australia Explained: what does it mean to be Australian?

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The asylum seekers filling chronic staff shortages in key industries hit by COVID-19

21 January 2022

'A national disgrace': Australia slammed for failing to meet anti-torture obligations

20 January 2022

Now that Novak Djokovic has been deported what lies ahead for his fellow detainees at the Park Hotel?

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Fallout from Djokovic saga continues to cloud Morrison government

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Australia's treatment of asylum seekers tarnishing global reputation

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Asylum seekers beg Australians: ‘Don’t forget us when Djokovic leaves’

10 January 2022

Novak Djokovic's father slams the Australian government

10 January 2022

Novak Djokovic had COVID-19 before arrival in Australia, court papers reveal

09 January 2022

Melbourne immigration detention hotel 'like prison', tennis player says, as protests continue

08 January 2022

The program helping refugees learn to drive in regional Australia

03 January 2022

Asylum seekers in Melbourne detention say they were served 'maggots and mould' for dinner

01 January 2022

‘Confusion, no answers’ as Australia ends offshore asylum seeker processing deal with PNG

31 December 2021

Tamil-Australians 'outraged' over taxpayer-funded anti-migration film competition

24 December 2021

Denmark's ex-immigration minister faces expulsion for illegally separating migrant couples

21 December 2021

Project gives asylum seekers and refugee students a chance to transform their lives

15 December 2021 Audio Track
As the debate rages, where do you stand?

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