First Day Stories

Landing in Australia...

Do you remember your first day in Australia? SBS takes a look at what sights & smells first struck these new migrants and refugees. #FirstDaySBS

Forced to become a child soldier in South Sudan at six, Deng Thiak Adut thought he would never be able to escape. But a remarkable series of events allowed him to come...
Born in North Korea, Dongup Kim volunteered as a soldier in the South Korean Army during the war. Separated from his family when he was very young, he finally...
Sarah Yahya was born in 1995 and has been living in Australia since 2007. This is how she remembers her First Day in Australia.
Deo Masudi witnessed the rape of his wife and daughter when they were attacked in their home in Africa. The family fled the country but it would be years before...
Confronted by a horrific order to cut the ears off a group of army defectors, Dr Munjed Al Muderis fled Iraq in 1999 and has never been back. Now a leading...
When Nick Kaldas’s family first moved from Egypt to Australia in the sixties, they moved to a suburb known to house migrants communities. Almost 50 years on, Mr...
She left behind friends and family to move to Australia at 20. Now, Rohini Kappadath is now an award-winning businesswoman on a mission to help other women rise...
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13 December 2017

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12 December 2017

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06 April 2017

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01 February 2017

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30 January 2017

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29 January 2017

‘For three days, we were hiding from the Thai pirates’: Trung Ly’s journey to Australia

28 January 2017

Penny Wong's First Day

27 January 2017 Audio Track

First Day: "It was very emotional because of the dimension of the decision I had made"

27 January 2017

‘Go back to your country, China’: South Korean-born Dami Im's first day in Australia

26 January 2017

First Day: the Tamil girl inspired by Australian doctors to become a cardiologist

26 January 2017

First Day: "I was surprised by how casual people were"

25 January 2017

First Day: "For nine days I slept in a cupboard under the stairs"

25 January 2017

First Day: "In Australia I was reunited with my sweetheart of five years"

25 January 2017

First Day: "I was surprised by the low building architecture"

25 January 2017

First Day: "I really felt a sense of family in this country"

25 January 2017

First Day: "Everything here is big, it's much bigger"

25 January 2017

First Day: "I fell in love with the city when I first landed"

25 January 2017

First Day: Womenjika - Aunty Carolyn welcomes migrants

25 January 2017

First Day: "At my first birthday party in Australia I paid the bill for everyone"

25 January 2017