• Julien Blanc has been banned from Australia for his misogynist "pick-up artist" seminars sponsored by his group, Real Social Dynamics. (Instagram)
‘Choke women and they will want to have sex with you’ and ‘you should have multiple excuses to get her to your place.’ This is the advice given by US pick-up artist group Real Social Dynamics, whose Australian tour was scheduled to kick off this week.
Lucinda Kent

18 Jan 2016 - 4:24 PM  UPDATED 19 Jan 2016 - 9:08 AM

Members of notorious pick-up artist Julian Blanc’s organisation Real Social Dynamics – who have been criticised for promoting violence against women – have planned a tour of Australia, teaching men how to “attract any girl.”

Time magazine has called him "the most hated man in the world" for his misogynist, violent "pick-up tactics".

Mr Blanc was banned from Australia in 2014, but members of his group, including Jeff Allen, have seven events planned across Australia from January to April 2016.

The group tweeted on January 17 all of the events were cancelled, but online critics say this is a sham and the pick-up-artist seminars will go ahead in secret.

Previous seminars conducted by the group have instructed men to attract women by choking and grabbing them.

In a video of one of Mr Blanc’s seminars, he describes physically abusing and intimidating women on a trip to Japan. 

“If you’re a white male, you can do what you want,” he tells attendees, who pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for the workshops.

“I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick.”

Mr Blanc also shared a picture of a domestic violence chart, stating “May as well be a checklist… #HowToMakeHerStay”.

Much of Real Social Dynamic’s “advice” for men focuses on aggressive strategies to sleep with women, rather than seeking dates or relationships.

Mr Allen’s talks cover similar themes as Mr Blanc’s, and he has been criticised for owning a vehicle he refers to as a “rape van" which he takes on tours in the US.

The group is secretive about their seminars, requiring credit card information before revealing the location of their talks.

There are reports of participants being text messaged the location and time of pick-up seminars hours before they begin.

The Facebook group Australians Against RSD Misogyny #shutdownrsd is working to find out the location of any of the group’s talks, if they are going ahead in secret after the announcement they were cancelled.

“They've tried that tactic before to throw off protests, intel suggests they're still planning to go ahead,” wrote the page’s admin.

“Just tried to book a ticket to the event (so they'd disclose the location to me so we can picket) but all their Australian shows have been removed from the site. We may have succeeded but I’ll report back,” wrote an Australians Against RSD Misogyny supporter.

Real Social Dynamics have removed their Australian tour dates (originally set from January 14-April 14) from their website.