Child Genius

Presided over by quizmaster Dr Susan Carland, SBS documentary series 'Child Genius' follows Australia's cleverest 7 to 12-year-olds as they compete for the title of Australia's brightest child. Starts Monday 12 November at 7:30pm.

Like a round peg in a square hole, Eva was unable to cope with spending her school day with children who had a vastly different set of cognitive needs.
I was still shy and apprehensive, but I felt like I had finally found my people.
When we devalue Asian children and their intelligence, we tell them that it is impossible to be Asian and creative, Asian and a writer, Asian and comedic.
In Australia, around one third of Mensa’s members are children. Seven of them are aged under four.
Dr Susan Carland is one half of Australia’s most recognised Muslim couples, and contrary to what many may think, she converted to Islam long before she married...
This Sydney child has the unique ability to retain information that most children her age couldn't.
There are just so many things to be angry about as a parent. My children never know where their shoes are. We’re always late. Every day, bath time is a battle....

Is Australia Sexist?

Is Australia Sexist? premieres on SBS Australia, 4 December, 8.40pm, and will be available to stream at SBS On Demand.

New documentary hosted by Yumi Stynes premieres 4 December, 8.40pm on SBS Australia.
A toddler who inhabits a pink and blue world of gender binary absolutes poses a unique challenge to her feminist mother.
For women of colour, systemic issues play a serious role when it comes to asking for more pay.
Consider this a warning to men. So men, dear men, the writing is on the wall.
"As a seasoned speaker who happens to be a coloured Muslim woman, it has taken me years to establish a public voice in spaces typically dominated by majority...
My grandmother made me a feminist but mainstream feminism left women like her behind. But it's not too late for the many women who feel it still doesn't speak to...
Parents can play an important role in promoting gender equality and building children’s resilience to rigid gender stereotypes in early childhood.


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On the eve of the midterm elections, an American abroad hopes for a change of course.
A white, middle-class perspective has long been the default of mainstream Australian theatre but things may slowly be starting to shift.
Marriage is an inextricable part of adulthood for many young people of colour, what happens when you choose to stay unmarried?
Cousins can be a source of great strength and also great pain. As much as I expect solidarity from them, I also expect betrayal.
I resisted trips back to the motherland. I wore this as a badge of honour; as evidence of my loyalty to Australia. But in my adulthood, I find myself wanting to...


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The Geoffrey Rush defamation case has triggered a conversation about a performing arts culture that has allowed sexual harassment to become the norm.
Rebel Wilson's comments over plus-size actors ignore the intersection of race, fatness, and gender.
“The white man’s journey is always what it means to be human."
My mother was afraid of being labelled a bad mother and, at the same time, embarrassed about how the abuse would be perceived and racialised by outsiders.
The “subtitles” button changed my life. In the age of online streaming where subtitles are readily available, it's strange that cinemas are not adapting as well.



Beyond studies and research, we examine how our health impacts the rest of our lives.  

The social media hashtag giving patients a voice.
There’s still a lot we don’t know about the causes, but so far the research indicates our genes and environment each have a role in driving susceptibility to MS.
Personality and mood researchers share their advice.
Having aggressive or sexual dreams does not make a person psychopathic, or narcissistic; but people already predisposed to those traits are likely to dream about...
I’d constantly scan my body for anything suspect but didn’t really need to find anything – just thinking about all the ways the human body could fail was enough...
“For decades, the medical community has ignored mountains of evidence to wage a cruel and futile war on fat people, poisoning public perception and ruining...
I was heavily bullied at school, and at some point, my normal routine of burying my head in a book or just focusing on my school work failed me.


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The atmosphere at school was, funnily enough, largely one of love and inclusion, but it stood starkly at odds with the words I heard spoken – how could I at once be...
“We were just so excited to have a son and so grateful that this doctor created this process for us.”
"I know that you're going to have a much fuller and complete life."
When it comes to navigating their new identities, my family needs as much patience and support as I did.
While there is undeniable privilege for white-passing people of colour, both biracial and bisexual people experience what is known as double-discrimination.
Nothing makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand-up, makes my blood momentarily freeze, makes my body respond in unspeakable ways, than a queer person singing...
While some of our straight peers grow into their late 20s and begin to invest all of their energy in their spouse, many LGBTIQ+ people grow older together in less...


Parenting for modern families: new rules for a new age.

A decade of childcare experience didn’t give me a free pass in motherhood.
When Mum finally realised that another boy would never come, she decided to raise me like one.
When it comes to navigating their new identities, my family needs as much patience and support as I did.
My sister and I are only 15 months apart. These days, we are often mistaken for twins.
"It is not uncommon for families to have more than one schizophrenic diagnosis."
Breastfeeding can be simpler, easier and cheaper than having to prepare formula. But getting to a place where it feels “smooth and easier” can be tough.
A hint to clothes manufacturers: We. Love. Pockets.


Let's talk about it all: from love and dating to divorce and estrangement (and everything in between).

Gaslighting relies on lying, deceit, manipulation, which are couched in benevolent terms.
Just like the United States, racism preys on us here. Someone whispers ‘Blackie’ as they pass by me at a train station, or yells out ‘n*****’ down the aisle of...
Growing up in a strict Catholic Vietnamese migrant family, sex was a minefield of guilt and a topic to be avoided at all costs.
I nearly broke up with my white American boyfriend over chai tea.
Marriage is an inextricable part of adulthood for many young people of colour, what happens when you choose to stay unmarried?
She’s just a little harder to read, or be read by, than most people.
As nice as it would be to have that power, we can’t choose who our friends date.

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