Homelessness: The 'other' housing crisis

Filthy Rich & Homeless is an honest and compassionate exploration of what it’s like to be homeless in Australia today as it shines a light on a part of our society often overlooked and ignored. #FilthyRichHomeless

Many couch surfers are young teens of refugee background who have fallen through the cracks.
Swathes of women are being pushed into living rough, vulnerable and in need of support.
"It says to the next generation of your family ‘we’ve made it and we can now give this home to future generations'."

How to talk to a homeless person

If you see somebody sleeping rough, it can be tempting to avert your gaze.
These running squads help the homeless find their feet.
What were you doing when you were 22? Two young social entrepreneurs have created the world's first free mobile laundry for the homeless who are in need of a...

How generous are Australians?

We used to be ranked third of giving countries, but that has changed.


A look at the way in which we live.

Bookshops are a special kind of magic and that hasn't changed for me as I got older.
As we were about to part, the agent said, “Let’s get a drink”. I was stunned and mumbled something about needing to go. I did not return his calls.
In women like Alicia Keys and Beyoncé, I see black women owning their rights to be sexy, desirable and world dominators.
The optics of a middle aged white man visiting foreign cultures and foods in order to show them up is a kind of cultural colonialism served light and cold.
For Yazidi women survivors, the choice to tell their stories is a final act of resistance – calling out the crimes of ISIS and forcing the world to take notice.
Commuting can tire, deplete and cost, but it can also enliven, excite and energise.
Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful said the decision to pick Rihanna for the cover was motivated by desire to make his first September issue "something special".


The latest commentary on what's going on in our world. 

For most of us non-celebrities mums, this ability to snap back to our pre-pregnancy figure is often unachievable, leaving many feeling unhappy about our bodies.
There are countless lists online of tips to stay safe while online dating, but the truth is this: the world is not safe for women.
There’s a deep thread of entitlement when it comes to customer service; Coles' response to the plastic bag ban is just shining new light on an ugly and long...
Natalie Wood cast as 'Maria' wearing brownface in the 1961 classic film was a famous example of whitewashing. But hopes that Opera Australia would correct this...
"It is safe to say that a fat, queer, butch, possibly transmasculine person, is not a role for Scarlett Johansson."



Beyond studies and research, we examine how our health impacts the rest of our lives.  

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I often have friends ask me what my strategy is to keep going when I'm having severe mental health crises. I have no idea. My only real strategy is 'I have no other...
We believe vitamins are good for our health – but overdosing on supplements can have life-threatening effects.
In 1992, four-year-old Kim Robins and his mother Debbie became the face of world-first campaign to raise awareness on the link between folate and neural tube...
I am an out and proud person with problems, unlike those who may prefer to keep them closeted, or who jump on the problems of others as a way of not taking...
Women who experience miscarriage frequently feel grief and loss of a similar intensity to other major losses. When offering support, these are the dos and don'ts.
“A food addiction is almost more exhausting than the drug addiction – you can put the drugs and alcohol down but you can never put down food. You always have to...
Osteopathy is a system of medicine, not just one treatment.


Celebrating the diversity of sexuality in Australia and its multicultural communities.

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#ClawsOutForTrans is a response to Unicode introducing a lobster emoji before a trans flag emoji.
Painfully sensitive, I cried often. I was thin, with shoulder-length hair and soft features.
“Until we get that idea out of our head that gay people are 'less than' then I am afraid we will still be sitting here in 20 years time discussing the same thing."
Trans actress Nicole Maines will play the role.
My girlfriend takes so graciously the fact that I keep her a secret, but regardless of her support, it’s still something I have a hard time navigating.


Parenting for modern families: new rules for a new age.

Parents can play an important role in promoting gender equality and building children’s resilience to rigid gender stereotypes in early childhood.
When I was pregnant, I realised I only had a couple of friends with children and they were not black. I went looking for community and when I couldn’t find it, I...
Domestic and family violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children, but many are not being included in the national statistics.
Tantrums, arguments and stress is what confronts some parents when it comes time to get their kids to school, and it's a significant psychological issue.
Whether they are breastfeeding, struggling to, or find they can’t, far too many women experience a lack of support in feeding their baby.
Women are more likely to have their sleep disrupted by children and family obligations, while men’s sleep is affected by workplace demands.
Children from families that place a strong emphasis on following the rules and not open dialogue also report lying more frequently.


Let's talk about it all: from love and dating to divorce and estrangement (and everything in between).

My husband knows pretty much everything there is to know about my life today. When it comes to my past, though, things are a little murkier.
While I’m still yet to find a lasting romantic connection, I’ll always be glad that I swiped right on so many of my “failed” dates – I would have missed out on so...
“It’s even better that you’re Vietnamese because I have a thing for Asian girls.”
Studies of Tinder and Facebook show that a sense of humour is the most valued quality in a potential mate. This is why.
I think of the ‘opposites sketch’ on You Can’t Do That On Television. They reverse the roles – in one sketch the kid really wants to go to school but his mum...
My relationships are the space where I don’t have to be anything — no filters, no pithy captions, no hot takes, no ambition to perform or please. It’s...
Romance fraud offenders are highly skilled individuals who use every means possible to deceive, manipulate and exploit victims.

Refugee stories

How do migrants and refugees adjust to life in Australia?

We finally had a home we could adopt as our own. A home that would allow us to escape the horrors of the past.
Turn that feeling of despair into action.
Apart from driving policy in the short term, do confronting images create change in public perception and willingness to act in relation to refugee issues?
Every time I see an MP on TV saying Australians are saying this or that about refugees, I think, who are they? Where do they live? Is there another Australia than...
I had to leave my piano in Syria and I haven’t played since we left. My sister plays guitar though, and she took her guitar to Lebanon and then Sydney. My friends...
Najeeba was 10 when she and her family escaped the Taliban in her home country of Afghanistan. With a heavily pregnant mother, the family lived in fear as a...
I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t care what other people say. I just do it. I just follow my dreams.

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