• The Everything Bangkok Facebook group was shut down following hundreds of sexist threats against a woman in a feminist t-shirt. (Facebook)
A Facebook page popular among Australian ex-pats in Thailand has been shut down due to a viral thread threatening a woman for wearing a feminist t-shirt.
Lucinda Kent

23 Mar 2016 - 8:58 AM  UPDATED 23 Mar 2016 - 8:58 AM

A Facebook group for Western ex-pats in Thailand, used by thousands of Australians, has been banned from the site for violent threats against women.

A member of the Everything Bangkok group shared a photo of a woman wearing a t-shirt with the text "This is what a feminist looks like" from an International Women's Day event in Bangkok, prompting hundreds of threatening comments from the group's mostly male fans.

"The day that everybody was afraid [sic] has arrived. Feminists are here. To the western feminist. Who do you think you are to teach thai people what they should do? What they should think? Did they ask you?"

"Fucking hate feminism," wrote a commenter using the name Rory.

"She looks alright," wrote a commenter using the name Dan.

"Could soon beat that feminism out of her."

Included in the hundreds of comments were: death threats against the woman and calls for her to commit suicide.

Everything Bangkok had around 34,000 members, including thousands of Australians prior to being removed by Facebook for the comments.

Within hours of being removed, a second group with the name Everything Bangkok (The original) was created, with more posts of anti-feminist rhetoric.

The new group also shared posts with racist comments against Indians in Thailand and admissions of being "sexpats", having moved there for the sex tourism industry.

While there are no exact figures of the number of Australians living in Thailand, one Thai tourism website says around 25,000 Australians live in Thailand and claims up to 82 per cent of those ex-pats are male.

According to the Thailand Department of Tourism, 805,946 Australians visited Thailand in 2015.

Moving to Thailand is an increasing trend for Australian male retirees, who can claim their pensions overseas and often marry decades-younger Thai brides.

A counter-group to Everything Bangkok, Bangkok Rising, has been created to connect ex-pat women together and report instances of threats against women.