• Justin Trudeau, Melania Trump, Donald Trump and Scott Morrison. (AAP)
The male fatale is designed to destabilise you with his masculine wiles. Stay strong against his seductive techniques.
Sarah Malik

27 Aug 2019 - 11:38 AM  UPDATED 28 Aug 2019 - 1:01 PM


Justin Trudeau is at it again. Flashing his blue eyes and making women drop around him like flies.

This time Melania Trump was the victim of his charm. Pictures released showed Melania, like hapless Ivanka before her, positively swooning in front of the Canadian Prime Minister at the G7 summit, sparking a hashtag #MelaniaLovesTrudeau. 

Women throughout time have been glorified and reviled for using their sexual power to disrupt society and cause revolutions and general mayhem. From Cleopatra to Helen of Troy, the power of the seductive femme fatale on the supposedly sane, rational male psyche is a historic trope.



There is so much focus on women's appearance because a woman's achievement in a male-dominated society is often put down to her looks and the power she wields over the hapless men she encounters. Her skill and talent is usually a backdrop to what is seen as her true source of her power - her relationship with powerful men. 

As women we know this is all baloney, the result of hundreds of years of male writers and historians' interpretation coloured by their own bias. 

I for one, would like to introduce a new term to the lexicon - the 'male fatale'. Common in spies, international reporters, politicians and celebrities - these are men who use their significant charm and physical gifts to make people (mainly women) around them basically say yes to anything.  

"I think we need 15 billion in extra trade for Canada," I can imagine Trudeau asking Trump, while batting his biceps at Melania/Ivanka. 

"Give it to him now," hisses Melanka to Donald. 

There are suggestions India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s success in gaining advantage over other Indian leaders negotiating partition was partly due to winning the heart of the wife of the Britain's vice-roy Lady Mountbatten.  From Barack Obama to Imran Khan (elected on the basis of the middle-class Aunty vote), the power of the charismatic male fatale on his upwardly mobile track over the hearts of women is on display everywhere.  

Let me ask you honestly, do you think Trudeau’s hustle for Canada is all about his skill as a politician or partly due to his ability to fill out a sherwani?  

The next time your sane, sober female judgement is interrupted by these charming smooth-talkers, stay strong ladies.

The male fatale is designed to destabilise you with his masculine wiles. Stay en garde against his seductive techniques.

In the meantime here is the Trudeau dancing bhangra video again (for research purposes) - to fully understand the intersectional dangers of what we are up against. 

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